A call to do business

Africa women ignite conference held

“Your time is your money, don’t spend it on things that don’t bring you a return on investment.”

This was one of the many precious pearls of wisdom for launching your own successful and profitable business shared by Hulisani Neswiswi, a South African business powerhouse this week.

Neswiswi, one half of SA based brand and monetization strategists, LoraLove Project, which works with clients across the globe, to develop solutions to grow their footprint and increase overall profitability was speaking at Africa Women Ignite, a LoraLove’s cross continent personal finance and brand management and strategy initiative at the GICC on Wednesday.

In her inspiring call for women to start and grow their own businesses, the accomplished entrepreneur offered practical advice on how to start and sustain profitable establishments in the virtual products industry, white labeling sector, (a viable alternative for people who have an idea for a tangible product but do not have the resources or expertise to develop those products), personal retail and multi level marketing industry as well a the services sector.

A call to do business

Concerning virtual products Neswiswi said, “monetize your skill, start small to avoid intimidation and fear, instead of spending time on social media checking who is doing what, monetize your blog.”

Some of the viable options of virtul products she suggested include development of training courses in one’s area of expertise, selling digital products (e-books, webinars etc, selling physical products (locally manufactured ear rings or food) and offering services (your skills set)

Expounding on why men seem to dominate the business industry more than women, she said, “ men don’t compromise when it comes to charging for their products and services, while women are shy to charge, but I say to you maintain relationships by charging, it will also get you respect. ”

Presenting at the same conference, The Voice Newspaper Publisher and media consultant and trainer, Beata Kasale encouraged women in business to court the media instead of waiting for the media to find them.

“There is a delusion that the media will find you. This is a misconception. It is important for a business start up and or a business, which needs to brand or re-brand to engage the media, research about their product and most of all how the media can become a partner. Effective brand positioning and revenue/income go hand in hand. If you position your brand right, you will attract clients and this will translate into income. Branding is important to keep your business name visible. Coke is such an example. Up to now, they still ensure their brand is visible and accessible,” she said.

The inspirational meeting ended with a networking and skills sharing between the SA experts and with local businesswomen.

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