ADAMANT: Mpotokwane

Francistown City’s Full Council Session was adjourned this morning as angry councillors disrupted City Mayor Sylvia Muzila’s address.

In what was a calculated plan to stop the mayor on her tracks, specially elected Councillor, Tuelo Zazambi, moved an urgent motion introducing an item of business not on the agenda.

Muzila tried in vain to stop what she termed a disruptive motion, but councillors insisted that the motion be read out before she made her speech.

The Mayor eventually bowed to pressure and allowed Zazambi to state his agenda.

The outspoken civic leader said he wanted the council to explain why the resolutions to go and seek for developmental assistance from various Ministries was not done. “I want this council to adjourn to go and look at all pending and progressing projects, then make resolutions thereafter,” said Zazambi.

The motion was seconded by Kanana Ward Councillor, Cornelius Gopolang, and specially elected Councillor, Peter Ngoma, while Ben Mpotokwane of Donga Ward and Joe Play Gunda of Somerset East Ward countered it.

In his submission Zazambi said it was counterproductive for councillors to attend full council sessions, make resolutions with little or no progress on the ground. “This motion’s intention is not to disrupt the full council session, in fact the session continues but not in the chamber but at ward level with the Mayor chairing as each councilor outlines their many challenges,” he said.

Zazamni said the mayor will tour all the 16 wards in the city where she will be shown dilapidated infrastructure and other failed projects.

When countering the motion Gunda said while he finds nothing wrong with the motion and what it seeks to achieve he was nonetheless not happy with its timing. “It doesn’t have to be urgent. Lets move forward with the full council business today and we can look into that matter at a later stage,” he said.

Despite his efforts supported by Mpotokwane, majority of councillors adopted the motion therefore bringing the agenda of the full council to an abrupt end.

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