Internet photo: Goat Kraal

A 70 year old man from Senete village was found half naked and dead in his goat kraal early this week.

According the Tutume Police Chief Vusumusi Jorowe,” the old man was found with his trousers down to his knees and his t -shirt stained with blood. The old man’s death is mysterious and we are yet to establish the cause and the perpetrators.”

The deceased is said to have been found by a 49 year old female labourer who had been hired to cut grass within the farm.

“According to the lady, she parted with the deceased on Friday evening, and he was in good health. When they parted, the deceased had indicated that he would cycle later to senate village. On Monday morning the same lady knocked at the farm gate as usual, but the old man who used to open the gate for did not respond. It is then that she let herself in and searched for the whereabouts of the deceased, only to find him face down in the kraal.’, said Jorowe.

Police wait for the doctor’s report, to determine the cause of the blunt wound that was found behind the deceased’s head.

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cee gee

waitse dilo tsa lefatshe le malatsing a ekare dilo tsa ka tlhokana le go rapela hela thata mo bots mang hela o setlhogo yo o fedisetsen monnamogolo lyf ths is nt fair.may ur soul rest in peace


the bible says that whoever pogrom a man his blood has to be shared bi the society meaning he should be killed for good

aoo bathong who can do such a thing..o itse fatshe lone le ya bokhutlong batswana.Botswana ene o tlhokana le fasting and prayers this is just way too much..MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE NTATEMOGOLO…


hey betsho satan o teng ebile otswele mo go tsa gagwe. that demon is cursed and he/ she is heading to the bottomless pit of fire. what a brutality. sorry, sorry!!!!!!!! dilo tse tsa baloi tse!!!!

roy wa ga sesana

ija waitse meleko ga e fele ruri,tota jaanong monnamogolo ene o ne a bolaelwa eng?Waitse batho ba feletswe ke Modimo ruri,ba letleletse mmaba go ba dirisa…a moa wa gago o robale ka kgotso ntatemogolo…God shall revenge to dilalome ba kitla ba tshabela ruri..


R.I.P uncle ba hemisitswe ke dipheko baloi bao ba go ka a swa ba eme ka dinao. they are killin innocent people.


Rest In Peace Mdala.Who ever raped or killed u will be punished by God.


its brutal! they killed the old man only to cut his pvt parts