ARRESTED LAWYER: Philimon Leitshamo
ARRESTED LAWYER: Philimon Leitshamo

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Philimon Leitshamo (43) of Leitshamo Attorneys in Gaborone, was ordered by the magistrate to speak up as he mumbled that he preferred English, while the second accused, Luke Sky Baeletsi (32) preferred to use Setswana.

Leitshamo was nabbed last week Wednesday at Masakane lands driving a white double cab Toyota hilux B796 AZI loaded with carcasses. When he heard of his colleague’s arrest and tried to rescue him, Baeletsi visited Molepolole police station where he also got arrested.

The principal prosecution counsel, Enock Mahwite from Departmen of Public Prosecution (DPP) pleaded that the duo be remanded in custody. “May the court give the investigating officer to cover at least 60 percent of investigations, as he requested to be given Thursday and Monday to iron out all the issues believed to be pertinent to the case by the state,” he noted.

Mahwite further explained that the veterinary office was waiting for them to finish in court so that they can examine if the meat was healthy to be taken to the butchery as the accused told them earlier. The accused men’s attorney, Tebatso Ricardo Seabueng, objected to the way the prosecutor “was going deep into the case during a time of simple arraignment and not trial.”

“The first accused is one of us, and as the state we should be given a platform, we should be fair in justice, It is an embarrassment to be addressing the court about one of our fellow colleague,” Mahwite loudly stressed.

In his defence, Leitshamo claimed he bought the cattle from Baeletsi and the police had all the necessary statements from the witnesses.

Accused were granted bail on conditions that, they do not interfere with the state witness and not to visit the scene of crime without the police as well as to attend all court sessions. The next hearing was set for February 22 before Magistrate Rosemary Khuto.