Chibuku truck (
Chibuku truck (

A recent incident occurred this past Sunday when a trailer truck over turned on the Trans-Kgalagadi Highway, close to the village of Kang.

The Police have noted, with much disdain, a rise in looting at car accident scenes.

The truck was transporting copious pallets containing cartons of Chibuku destined for South Africa.

Instead of coming to the aid of the upended vehicle, residents of surrounding villages and motorists using the same road, flocked to the scene and proceeded to ransack the truck of its contents. The looters are said to have robbed the entirety of the truck’s cargo.

However, the police have arrested six suspects and they will be duly charged with possession of suspected stolen property.

The incident follows several similar accidents, most notably one in 2013 on the same road where the police were forced to deploy canisters of tear gas on the unruly looters who had mobilized in the hundreds.

As recently as last week Wednesday, another truck was looted having been involved in an accident – this time in the proximity of Mathangwane.

The looters are said to have made away with an abundance of sorghum grains.

Superintendent Jayson Chabota of Botswana Police Service, has urged the public to not partake in such activities as they are criminal.

He said it also reflects badly on a nation that prides itself on unity and co-operation as instead of assisting injured people, they would rather purloin their goods.

“We would like to appeal to members of the public to desist from such conduct as it is a criminal offence and also taints the good image of the country” he said.

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