NOT HAPPY: Some of the artists

Francistown artists have accused the company entrusted with organising the Bot50 celebrations of undermining artists.

The disgruntled artists who decided to pull out of the ongoing Shine Talent Search conducted by Red Pepper PRC say the decision was taken last week after some prominent Francistown artist felt that choreographers from South Africa were undermining them.

“When this Shine Talent Search began we were made to believe that Francistown artists will also have a fair share of the limelight and be allowed to showcase their talent, but that’s not the case,” said award winning veteran, Thapelo Maleka known as MC Maswe.

The Zvamaronga hit maker told The Voice in an interview that he got the shock of his life when he realised that they were in fact being recruited to be part of hundreds of others who will perform in a well-choreographed act on September 30th.

“I was supposed to dance to Vee’s song. A man with seven albums and I was being recruited to be another artists’s dancer. What the hell is that?” said Maswe.

Together with groups such as Bana Bana Ba Ntogwa, Francistown artists decided to abandon the Bot50 activities under Red Pepper and are now planning to organise their own, which will include all Francistown based artists.

Another major issue they had with Red Pepper is the company’s silence on how artists will benefit by being part of the celebrations