50 and Dapper!
50 and Dapper!

…How to dress in your 50’s

Don’t fret about the big 5-0, because, 50 has never looked so good!

In fact, 50 is the new 30 – take a style cue from Ralph Mosotho, a renowned former model and now- mentor, hair stylist and trainer, who has a knack for looking good and isn’t letting age get in the way of his dreams or his dress sense.

From the look of things, Mosotho has not retired colour from his wardrobe in any way, shape or form. Instead he goes for more tonal looks, and he invests in separates in complimentary shades for his downtime. He invests in great suits, because one can never go wrong with a suit. Another style check to note is – If in doubt, go for a trim, two-button jacket with wider lapels and well-tailored, flat-fronted trousers.

As for textures, windowpane checks and hounds-tooth prints are eye catching and groundbreaking while materials like linen and quilted wools are an ideal investment.

Keep accessories at minimal and invest in timepieces and or shades.

They go a long way! High end silk ties, knitted and wool ties are a definite must have, and oh yes, that grey hair works in your favour too, just trim it and brush cut it, and you will have women turning heads.

Think George Clooney or Barack Obama!

Q. Who Is Ralph Mosotho?

A. Ralph is a humble guy who loves fashion.

50 and Dapper!
50 and Dapper! 2

He started modeling in 2002, and has done a couple of international runways, and featured in magazines such as BONA magazine, twice.

He stayed in SA and Swaziland, then came back home to share his experience through mentoring of some professional models.

His vision is to see the industry grow.


Q. What do you do?

A. I am a hair stylist, professional DJ, mentor, promoter, events coordinator, and personal trainer.

What is fashion and style to you as a 50- year old? Fashion is an art that keeps me looking young at 50, by keeping me in season with the times and trends.

Q. How do you stand out?

A. Exercise is the most important thing in my life, and loving myself!

Q. What is your unique selling point?

A. Looking young at 50 is my unique selling point.

I call myself a role model because lots of people come to me to ask how I keep young.

Q. How clients rate you?

A. I never disappoint.

Q. Advise to other 50- year- old?

A. Exercise a lot, drink more water and less alcohol.

Q. Any fashion tips and tricks?

A. Fashion is not exclusive to young people, that is a wrong mindset to have.

There are people like fashionistas and wardrobe shoppers that can help with fashion advice and can help change your wardrobe.

Also, study your body and know what is best suited for it.

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