Are 4 Corners Alliance legit?

Have you heard of four corners. I understand one can make half million dollars in six months from just $18. Is this possible?

I first heard about 4 Corners Alliance last year. I was suspicious then and nothing has made me change my mind since.

4 Corners Alliance say that their scheme provides “a cutting edge financial education series, arming you with the groundbreaking knowledge you need to reach long term financial security”.

Sounds good, but a little vague, don’t you think? But I suspect they don’t want you to think too much about that.

Instead they want you to think about money.

Their web site says that “you can make $500,000+ in 6 months”.

They explain that all you need to do is “1. Join Four Corners Alliance Group for only a one-time payment of $18. 2. Invite 4 friends. 3. Help them refer 4 people. 4. They duplicate process 6 times. 5. You Earn $559,824.”

Doesn’t that sound exactly like a pyramid scheme to you? But perhaps I’m being prejudiced.

Maybe there are products at the heart of this scheme?

They say that “The products that 4 corners sell is a set of Financial Education Literacy which is downloadable in your back office.

This is an automated system, it will sell the products for you once you invite 4 people. All you have to do is sit back and relax.”

As well as being terrible English, that sounds a bit too good to be true to me.

Above all there’s the claim that you can miraculously convert $18 to more than $500,000 in just six months.

Where do you think that money might come from? How on earth is that possible?

Here’s a simple truth. No scheme can make that sort of money. It’s a lie.

4 Corners Alliance is nothing more than a pyramid scheme. I urge you not to waste your time, effort and money.

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to review a networking company u should fully understand what a pyramid scheme is and how they work and also fully investigate the company you are reviewing before u make biased reviews to yo reader…