POWER PLANT: Kedikilwe and Marole on the project tour

DEBSWANA have collaborated with the Government and Botswana Power Corporation to develop an P850 Million turbine power project in Orapa.
The power plant project that is expected to generate up to 90MW of power, according to Debswana Managing Director Blackie Marole, is being undertaken as a response to the current national power shortage, which is anticipated to continue beyond 2010. “The power station will assist Debswana to minimise the impact of thisshortage on our business and maintain production levels. “Everyone will benefi t from the project as it will minimise the impact of power shedding even though Debswana is going to be given fi rst priority,” he said.
The project is the fi rst of its kind since the amendment of the BPC Act last year. The amendment allowed
Independent Power Producers (IPP) to come up with initiatives to empower resource based companies to set up their own power stations and, if possible, export power to other countries. The resource companies
are expected to take advantage of the estimated two billion coal reserves in the country. The power project, that is modelled around a Boeing aircraft engine, has been under construction for the past 11 months and is due for completion in October. Upon completion, the power station is expected to be connected to the national power grid where it will work as backup supply in times of need. The station is expected to use 17000 litres of diesel in the initial stage with a peaking period of 15 minutes. Minister of Mineral resources
and Water Affairs, Ponatshego Kedikilwe toured the power project as well as the one million cubic metres storm water dam. The storm water dam project is part of Debswana’s contribution to water conservation and is expected to reduce the Mines’ reliance on the use of ground water.