Talkie and Coach Stan 

I heard Talk-Talk  and  coach  Stan  had  a little  misunderstanding during  the  Tanzania  game. I had  a  chat  with  Talkie about  it  and  he expressed to me how   unhappy he was about  his tiff with the coach but I urged  him  to sort it out  and return  to camp.

Magosi new signings

I want to take this time to unofficially welcome Phenyo Mongala and David Makakaba into our family of the black and white Magosi. Phenyo is so excited and raring to go that his excitement is infectious. He told me he cannot wait for the season to begin and we cannot wait for him to infuse his valuable experience from SA into a great team. I told him we were going to give him his favourite number 8 jersey and he was elated. Two fantastic players waiting in the wings for the next season. I can’t resist the temptation to say great job Mr. Molome and your committee members.

Police XI and Security Systems’s misfortune

So as things stand Police XI and security systems are in the fourth division? This is unbelievable. Some of us who knew what qualifying to the big league meant to Systems we know that this relegation must be a bullet right in the head, especially for the coach Bra Wire. For a lot of my friends at Police XI,Ndiyapo, Betsho Pius,Sebina,I feel for you boys. I am really sorry but life has to go on.

On a personal note

I have a couple of  social responsibility projects lined up for the week starting on Thursday the 23rd this month at Molefhi Senior Sec School and at Serowe Memorial Hospital for the anti drugs and alcohol on the 25th  of this month.
I will be giving young people motivational talks and treat them to a fantastic game of football which I will watch and later present a trophy to the winning team. My brother Dirang and I are still on an extended leave from the national team because of family matters, so I shall take this opportunity to fit in one or two activities.

Piro the multitasker  

Maybe some of you football lovers have already heard a song from the artist LECCO featuring me. Choose is the name of the song. Hey let me tell you guys, being in the studio is not as easy as I thought it’s so hectic and demanding to sing to perfection, but it’s something I enjoyed immensely and I would be willing to do again although I must say that I can’t quit my day job for it, I am grateful to Lecco.

Our coach rumours

There are a lot of rumours going on about our coach Madinda Ndlovu being sacked but I can confirm that those were simply unconfirmed rumours. Our coach is still very much here. He just got back from holiday and he was there on Wednesday at our first training session of pre-season.


I want to take this opportunity to wish Kabelo Dambe well on his loan spell at Platinum Stars. He deserves it. I know he will do well with the help of his former team mate at township rollers Tsotso Ngele.

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