Mommy Shine with Mavis ProctMy favourite trivial TV of all times is Kimora: Life on the fab Lane simply because I find a fabulous mom who takes their role as a mother seriously and seems to be getting the balance between motherhood and her career right totally fascinating.

MAKING MOTHERHOOD FABULOUS: Mother of two Mavis Proctor (middle) with her two daughters Marcia and Natasha Proctor

This week in celebration of motherhood, we have a chat with none other than one of the most chic single mothers that we know out there, Mavis proctor who celebrated her daughter, Marcia Proctor’s coming of age in style in Francistown recently and wasn’t ashamed to make the occasion as much a celebration of the her own’ achievement as a mother as it was her daughter’s and rightly so too we believe!

As a single mother who started out as a teen mom, Mavis has done exceptionally well in raising Marcia into a fine young woman although we must hasten to say that to recognise and honour single mothers is not by any means an attempt to endorse single motherhood because raising a child solo is way too complicated to be glorified into a woman empowerment campaign because it’s simply not. Ask us, we must know from experience.
She says:
My proudest mommy moment was… I can’t pick out one moment because my two girls pleasantly surprise me every day like the time my youngest sang at my dad’s funeral. That was definitely a proud mommy moment.

My most embarrassing mommy moment was….. Being confused for Marcia’s sister or aunt at PTA meetings and  always having to explain that I was actually her mother because I was so

SISTERHOOD: Marcia and Natasha in playful mood young when I had her.

The most important life lesson I want my kids to learn is… that whatever life throws at them they are strong enough to handle it. I want them to be free to seek advice from older and wiser family members and to know that they can always trust and depend on God and His word.

The thing I lost as a mom that I wish I could get back is…My firm breast. Breast feeding two kids for a year did me badly in that regard.
The one family tradition I hope my kids continue when they grow up is…..Celebrating birthdays and staying a close knit family. My mom has taught us that as a family we are like a bundle of wood and if one falls out the bundle becomes loose and if we stay tight and not entertain sibling rivalry we stay strong.

Raising a preschooler versus raising a teenager, what’s more difficult? There isn’t one stage which is more  difficult than  the other in child rearing, different challenges yes but level of difficulty is the same.

The one thing that I most want other single moms out there to know is..that Motherhood is natural so go with the flow and follow your instincts. Stop thinking about how single motherhood is supposed to be tough and go ahead and involve your family because without the help of my mother and my siblings I wouldn’t be a proud mother of two well behaved girls who don’t give me sleepless nights as I am today

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