It’s time to get out of your comfort zone this 2015 Bros. Leave the not so fashionable items back with 2014 and jump on to the fashion that has a simple fusion that fits more into this modern age.

Today fashion is diverse. Its best to keep grounded in a more personality fitted style.

This year bros live by the quote “know first, who you are and then adorn yourself accordingly.” That’s one way of finding root to what fits your best.

Whether it’s a simple tuck or fold, one way or another an outfit can instantly transform.

Take note that its common to wear solids at the bottom, paired with prints on top.

This year lets switch them up, pair printed pants with solid colours on the upper garments.

But note that the prints on the pants should not be as bold. Do the looks that translate to be effortless.

This year, most women’s looks will be borrowed from the boys.

1. THE POCKET SQUARE: Gives the denim blazer a softened touch
2. ROLL UP THE SLEEVES: Not exposing the elbows
3. FOLDED BOTTOM PANTS: Gives an illusion that you are taller than you actually are

Les wears jean blazer P850, Man’s les wears flair top P340, Topman shoe P995, Printed pants, watch (stylist’s own)—-(all From Les Wears Xclusives)

Photographer: Oranotse Mpudi
Model: Lebo Mothudi
Clothing: Les Wears Xclusives