The rumour has been there for quite a long time, and Shaya can now understand why these two gentlemen look alike. Gossipmongers have been peddling this rumour that our own Vice President Mompati


Merafhe and the Outgoing CEDA Chief Executive Officer Thapelo Matsheka are father and son.
Last week, at the CEDA logo launch, Merafhe made a remark that left Yours truly even more confused.
“I have to thank the outgoing CEO, who I know most people claim say he is… er… a chip off the old block. I know that, so where he goes I know his beautiful face represents mine,” the VP said leaving many in stitches.

Local stars continue to walk down the isle. A fly on the wall told Yours truly that gospel star Molly is tying the not. However when contacted, Molly sounded shocked.
“To who? I’m not ready to get married. I’m not getting married,” he said.
Could it be his twin whose parents descended in Thamaga on Saturday to part with eight herds of cattle as bogadi to a beautiful young Christian woman?
It was not long ago when the artist professed his undying love to Yours truly for traditional singer Maxy Sedumedi. The two broke up with the latter re-uniting with the father of her daughter.
Another rumoured to be getting hitched is actor on Morwalela drama Joseph Moji. He plays the part of a councillor in the drama.

Dicksy Nasha, child to Speaker of National Assembly Margaret Nasha is said to be owing one Richard P800 and is refusing to pay up. The youngster is said to have told Richard to go to court if he wants his money.
Shaya understands the money was initially P1400 and Nasha paid P600 but would not budge when asked to clear the remaining balance.
Sources close to Shaya said efforts by Richard to get back his money have not born any fruits.
“He even talked to Dicksy’s father about the debt,” said the source.
When reached for comment Richard did not want to be drawn into the matter, saying he did not want the issue to reach the media.
“Whatever it is will be solved. I’m still going to talk to his brother (Thabiso),” he said.

EMMAMiss Botswana Emma Wareus was spotted at the last Botswana Democratic Youth League conference where she was seen in a tight hug and chit chatting with President Seretse Khama Ian Khama.
Question is what was the beauty queen doing at a BDP event?
Maybe the answer lies in the fact that Emma’s mother, Tshepo Wareus, is a well-known BDP activist, and Khama’s sympathiser. Having said that, could the most beautiful girl on the land be thinking of following in mummy’s footsteps when she grows up – or maybe now since all the young beautiful ladies have exchanged Red for Orange?
While many found the queen’s act politically incorrect, one of the Miss Botswana organiser Thapelo Pabalinga seem to not see any problem.
“She was invited by the BDP Youth League,” Pabalinga calmly said when contacted for comment.
Yeah! So, the former BDP youth president, Armstrong Dithapelo, who, together a sizeable number of  the once dangerously Red Turks has moved to the new party, Botswana Movement for Democracy, should call Emma to grace the overly exciting BMD launches? She is the ‘people’s’ queen, and therefore should be home in the presence of Dan Tshanda and the Daalom Kids.


  1. i think every1 has the ryt to follow what they want thre is actually nothin wrong to rally behind BDP

  2. to me merafhe looks more like hitler with that silly moustache! what is he trying to prove kante mme??? sesole? jeje? shave it off sir!!! oa re tshosa!

  3. le Bonnie (the radio guy, ex t.v presenter) looks like them(or lets say bonnie nd matsheka both looklike merafe), so how?

  4. ke ipotsa gore fa batho ba ipona fela ba akgela mo family matters e eseng ya bone ba ikutwa jang?Go tshwana fela le motho yo o kgalang shake (chibuku)mme a sa e nwe.TSWANG MO DIKGANYENG TSA BATHO, LEA TENA.

  5. let the Miss Botswana alone! she has her own choices to make!whats wromg wit her attending a bdp rally!? stop making people’s lives hard by politicizing every move they make! aggggggg!

  6. heela lenna kana gake a bolo go ipotsa gore batho keng ba tshwana jaana this might be true but i will find out my self

  7. bongwanaka ke tla lo shapa. A ditlhaloganyo tsa lona di simolotse kgwebo?,ntlaa lo bolaisa diatla ga lo itse gore merafhe ke skim same sa ko mabaleng(o dhlala LLEVEN)ke strikara sa hlwahlwa.

  8. merafe has a rectangle shaped face and matseke n oval shaped face, thts y they dnt look alike. lefa ele dinko yaga vice e tlabaletse nd ya mothaka yoo e ikgabeditse. waabona fela lewena.