Over the last few weeks there has been some success stories in Gaborone regarding catching criminals. All of them becauseof good Samaritans and people being on the look-out.

Hazel Mmopi-Maswabi shared her story on the Fight Crime Gaborone Facebook group last week.”Thieves broke into my car which was parked by Middle Starand stole my laptop. They were caught because some good
samaritan saw them break into my car and took their licence plate, it was a white tazz B676 AEW, he then waited for them to leave and informed us – the police traced the buggers!

Thanks Mr. O. Morake for getting the number.” A discussion later revealed that this same car had been usedin several other crimes around the city. Hopefully we will not be
seeing this car or its three male occupants for quite awhile.We in the Fight Crime Gaborone would also like to thank Mr.Morake – you have made this town a safer place.

The second success story comes from Gabs FM host SimbaMudereri. Who used the air waves and social media to alert people of a listeners car that had been stolen. The car was
found in Phakalane by a listener who called into the station and the car was recovered.

Thank you as well Simba. These stories are what the spirit of the Fight Crime Gaboronecommunity is all about. All of us getting in this fight againstcrime together and helping eachother out. Good people helping other good people – and there is a lot more of us than there are of the criminals.

If you are not already part of the community please join us.Find us on Facebook – share your stories and listen to others.Help us continue this movement towards a better, safer Botswana. SMS “Crime” followed by your answer to 16565

* SMS charged at P2.00

Have you noticed an increased police presence in
your neighbourhood at night? Yes – No –

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plis guys help us fight crime by not leaving ur valuable items in cars,this sort of crime is growing up