13th NedBank tour De Tuli celebrated
TOUGH TERRAIN: Cyclists in action

Tour de Wilderness, the organiser of the annual Nedbank Tour de Tuli multi-stage mountain bike event celebrated the success of its 13th Tour and 10th year of riding through the Greater Transfontier Conservation Areas (TFCAs) of Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

This year saw 255 cyclists ride a total of 248 km along challenging terrain in the three countries.

“Cyclists from around the world joined us to take part in this remarkable event that once again saw a mix of seasoned riders and first-time participants taking part. We are privileged to be able to enjoy riding in these pristine wildlife areas, and to do so while raising funds for Children in the Wilderness. We are extremely proud that our efforts ultimately translate into making such an important difference to environmental education in our rural communities”, said Tour Director, Nicola Harris.

It was a thrill for participants to be able to meet the local school children supported by Children in the Wilderness at Lentswe-le-Moriti school in Botswana and at Shashe Primary School in Zimbabwe.

The children, all bearing their country’s flag, expressed great delight at meeting the cyclists and each received a backpack with stationery.

The children enjoyed being taken on a few short rides by some of the dusty, friendly Tour participants.

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