Traffic volume will obviously be on the increase as people will be travelling to many parts of the country and beyond borders.

This therefore means high chances of accidents. However there are tips that can be followed to avoid road carnage.

Below are some of them

  • Never drink and drive. Somebody is waiting for you at home. Do not use mobile phones while driving and avoid long trips during night, as far as possible. If you are driving at night, get refreshed at regular intervals by having a face wash or by having a cup of Coffee or Tea. Somebody should ensure that you are awake
  •  Speed is a major factor in many accidents. Driving too fast for condition of the road,weather, vehicle or driver increases your chances of having an accident. Reduce speed  and adhere to speed limit.
  •  Poor driving skills on top of these other factors can make the situation almost impossible. Keep your vehicle in good condition. Worn tires and brakes can decrease your ability to control the vehicle under emergency stopping and turning situations.
  • Replace windshield wipers regularly and keep the windshield washer full and in operating condition, make sure your windshield is in good condition, if not get ready to get a Windshield Glass Replacement. Remember that dirty or muddy water splashed onto your window can cause a “blackout” for several seconds while you locate and activate the washer. Be familiar with its location and operation so that you may use it quickly and without taking your eyes off the road.
  • Wear your seatbelt. It will hold you in place in case of an accident.
  • Stay away from other vehicles! this may sound silly, but most accidents involve two or more vehicles. Try not to be near those who are looking for a place to wreck! Don’t tail and don’t allow others to tail you.
  • Intersections are the favorite meeting places for cars and drivers looking for a place to crash. Always check cross traffic before starting out on a green light. Someone is always trying to get the last part of that yellow light.

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To add on to that lets warn each other of hazards on the road,be it stray livestock,wheels or any piece of junk dat can cause an accidant and lastly if someone makes a mistake in front of you,do the couteous thing and avoid crashing into them.


Lets be alert on road drivers, we still need you.