The 10 year old saviour
BURDENED WITH RESPONSIBILITY: The young girl with her blind granny

Young girl becomes light of the family

While her peers spend their spare time playing and not worrying a bit about life and its challenges, a 10- year -old girl from Kanye has to be contend with looking after her blind grandmother and siblings.

The minor, who has been robbed of her childhood by misfortunes in her family, has been turned into a caregiver as she has to cook, clean and help her 57 –year- old blind grandmother, Masego Masala move around.

Speaking in an interview, Masala said since she turned blind in June 2014, her granddaughter has been the light of the family.

She revealed that she lost her sight due to glaucoma, a condition that damages the eye’s optic nerve which subsequently results in blindness.

“Doctors tested my eyes at Molepolole Scottish Livingstone hospital and told me that my veins are no longer effective and I will never be able to see again,” she said.

Masala said what pains her most is that she is no longer able to fend for her five grandchildren while her 10 –year- old granddaughter, who is a standard five pupil is now carrying the burden of helping the family when as a child she should be enjoying the love and care from parents or guardians.

She said while the children are registered under social welfare, the assistance is never enough.

“I used to take care of my grandchildren before I lost my sight because the mother is mentally challenged, we do not even know the fathers of her kids. The mother often leaves home without a word and as we speak we don’t know her whereabouts,” said Masala.

She said even though the doctors told her she will never regain her sight, she has not lost hope of seeing again so she can be back on her feet to relieve her granddaughter of the burdens now on her shoulder.

“I now depend on my daughter on almost everything. She even takes me to church on Sundays and sometimes she gives her little brothers a bath. While I am grateful for her help, it breaks my heart that she has to do all this. All I want, all I am praying for is for somebody to retain my sight so I can work and feed my grandchildren and daughter,” she said.

Her grandchildren sometimes take advantage of her condition and bunk school knowing very well that she can never tell.

“Kids can be naughty and my grandchildren are no exception, they sometimes take advantage of my condition,” she says adding that she is currently undergoing a process to register with village social workers to assist her where possible.

She also pleaded with well wishers to assist her with a walking cane so she can at least walk around on her own where possible.

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