A pre- cooked meal supplement, ePap which provides a mixture of 28 vital nutrients and vitamins in a simple powder form is now available in Botswana.

Since its distribution to empoverished and malnutritioned communities began in 2001 it has helped in the saving of many lives.

It has been hailed as a miracle by sufferers of Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and the clinics that use e’Pap.

After just a few days of the e’Pap program, patients who were previously on their deathbeds have walked out of the clinics un-aided and as healthy as they have ever been.

Sisana Nxumalo from South Africa is a living testimony of how ePap changed her life.

She was suffering from HIV/AIDS when she first arrived at the

clinic, worn out and with little energy and after only 14 days, of the “e’Pap nutrtion intervention”, she was looking and feeling healthier than she had in years.

What makes e’Pap so succesful is the fact that it provides nearly 100%

of a persons daily required nutrients in a single serving. Basil

Kransdorff, the mind behind e’Pap, describes it as the equivelant of a

10 course meal “from a nutritional aspect”.

All one needs to do to enjoy the supplement is to add a small amount of water or milk.

For more information contact:  Wayne Vye on 76555555

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There is no mention of any clinical trials of this wonder supplement. It makes you wonder, eh?