Fare Thee Well: Ernest wooing his fans

Over the years, the various seasons of the Big Brother Africa reality show have been widely noted for their exciting twist and turns not forgetting the surprises.
Sunday’s live eviction show was just full of that and at one point I felt Biggie was being too harsh on both Ernest and Bhoke.

For the first time in this season’s show, two housemates, Ernest and Bhoke, were evicted on the same night of the eviction show.
This came after only three housemates, Ernest, Bhoke and Miss P, were nominated for eviction last week.
The interesting part however was that Ernest and Bhoke, the longest standing lovebirds in the reality show were evicted together.

This brought to an end an era of affection, loving, arguing and patching up differences. However in my view, the EBhok relationship-as the two were nicknamed seemed a bit one-sided.
It felt as if Bhoke was forcing herself unto Ernest. In separate interviews I heard with them on Tuesday morning, the two ‘lovebirds’ noted that they’d love to know each other better away from the glare of the Big Brother Amplified cameras.

Ernest felt Bhoke is an interesting woman. It remains to be seen if the relationship will see any light of the day now that the two will be going their separate ways.
Going back to Sunday’s eviction show, Head of House, Danny was called upon by IK to officially announce whom he had saved and whom he had put in that person’s place.

I was pissed that he did save Luclay, who was up for eviction, and replaced him with our very own Miss P.

While many housemates have and will always welcome a saving grace, Luclay wasn’t enthused frantically demanding Danny ‘rescind’ that decision to save him.

Speak of a ‘bloated’ ego? 

Miss P on the other hand was shocked to the bone when Danny declared that he had saved Luclay and put her in his place.

When the eviction started, Bhoke was asked by host of the show, IK, to leave that house – Bhoke became the fifth housemate to leave the show.

One could have clearly concluded that since there were only three housemates up for eviction, Bhoke’s eviction marked the end of the eviction(s) for the day.

Lo and behold, another shocker awaited the housemates as Bhoke’s ‘husband’ Ernest was asked to also leave the house thus becoming the sixth housemate to leave the show.

Interestingly Miss P had the highest number of country votes with ten. She had votes from Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa and the Rest of Africa. Thank you kindly for saving her!

Ernest had three country votes with votes from Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Bhoke on the other hand had two country votes.

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