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  • Miss Botswana Top 16

    Miss Botswana Top 162

    The Miss Botswana top 30 were yesterday given tablets by Bofinet. Samantha Mogwe was one of the performers at the Miss Botswana Fashion Show. Loungo and O’Neal were the MC’s of the event. The show was full of surprises and one of them was when the judges announced that they will only select Top 12


Big Weekend

  • Tase drops Praise God

    Tase drops Praise God0

    Thomas Tase who trades by the name Dollaboy, has dropped his first ever album titled Praise God. The gospel artist’s 10 tracked album was recorded at Elos Multimedia, and was produced by Levi Mberego. In the album which comprises of praise and worship songs, Tase has featured the likes of Faith Man who is a


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  • The phone snatcher

    The phone snatcher4

    Talk about gutsy meets stupidity! The gentleman pictured here made a nuisance of himself this past weekend in Orapa. The young man made it to the table of dignitaries during the Inter-games price giving ceremony and stole a cellphone. Unfortunately for him he failed to sneak out on time and his misdemeanour was found out.