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  • We are not sex objects

    We are not sex objects7

      BCP youth leader raises concern Botswana Congress Party (BCP) Youth League’s Secretary for Women’s Affairs, Lily Tsele, 23, says it’s high time their male counterparts stopped treating female politicians as sex objects. “Sexual exploitation {go ja stocko as they call it} is rife in our local politics,” said Tsele in an interview with The


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  • Leveticus drops three singles

    Leveticus drops three singles0

    Leveticus is a music group composing of three guys namely Boniface ‘Chillizer’ Tshiping, Thabang ‘Don’ Saturday and Cedric ‘Izy’ Bojang. They have been in the music industry for quite some time as choreographers. Chillizer has worked with Odirile ‘Vee” Sento as choreographer while both Don and Izy had an opportunity of choreographing for Wizards. The


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  • Rati retraces her steps

    Rati retraces her steps2

    Rati Kefitlhile who took time off her radio duties to focus on Miss Botswana competition is said to be on her way back to the youthful radio station. Shaya understands that with some of the news team reported to be on the verge of leaving the station, Kefitlhile might resurface as a newsreader. However, Yourstruly