• Passion unleashed

    Passion unleashed1

      We are all familiar with the benefits of exercise. From boosting the immune system, improving one’s sex drive, aiding the body to fight illnesses and the overall good feeling one gets from activity. However with the winter season upon us, many find it challenging to keep the momentum to stay on course with regular

  • Leading ladies

    Leading ladies0

      In world where it seems there is never enough time to do everything, it is truly inspiring to come across individuals who seem to have it all figured out. Their hectic schedules take them from family commitments, boardrooms, social engagements and personal interests. They seem to glide through, making great impressions with each role

  • My Joy Ride

    My Joy Ride0

      Often, talk of size, power and adrenaline is restricted to men and their toys yet women are as equally thrilled by the power they yield behind the wheels of their chosen machines. We talk to two of these women as they share their love for big engines and performance. Tebogo Ferguson Mokobi She turns

  • TB is not a death sentence

    TB is not a death sentence0

      A harsh, seemingly endless, debilitating cough. Sudden, drastic, energy-sapping weight loss. The noticeable darkening of skin tone. All are the dreaded symptoms of Tuberculosis (TB) and can reduce once strong, healthy beings to quivering wrecks. Sadly, it can also earn sufferers the scorn and derision of their workmates and friends. Indeed, cruel snubs and

  • A WEALTH OF HERITAGE- The North West Province

    A WEALTH OF HERITAGE- The North West Province0

    North West Parks and Tourism Board in South Africa have embarked on a massive campaign to market their province as a tourism product. Waking up to the realisation that it was the seventh least visited area in the country, the board have embarked on an ambitious Vision 2020 National Tourism Strategy that is expected to

  • Maun East new entrant to parliamentary race

    Maun East new entrant to parliamentary race0

      There is a surprise entrant to the Maun East parliamentary race. This new entrant is none other than an independent candidate Simon Lethake, 42, of Mapako ward in Maun. The young businessman’s participation was only known on the day of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) registration of candidates. Voice Reporter Daniel Chida spoke to


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