• High Tech Toll

    High Tech Toll0

    • MYOB
    • February 12, 2016

      A man walks into a bar, sits down, and starts poking at his hand and putting it next to his ear. “What are you doing?” asks the bartender. “It’s the newest technology — I have a phone built into my hand.” The man puts his hand to the bartender’s ear and he hears a

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder0

    • MYOB
    • February 6, 2016

    Most of us know that, but how many of us are aware the same thing applies to luck? I’m guessing not many, and I think that may be because most of us don’t give ourselves time to contemplate ideas like that. There are always other things to do; work, clean, shop, post selfies, stay connected.

  • Taking Our Own Advice

    Taking Our Own Advice0

        “You need to lose weight.” Do other people’s problems seem easier than your own? Easier for you to solve, that is. That’s the way it works for me and I imagine that’s because when I try to help others I don’t take their problems personally. That means I can look at the situation

  • Hands-on experience

    Hands-on experience0

      Things seem easier when someone else is doing them. I buried that line in last week’s column when I was talking about how important it is for managers to have hands on experience with the various types of work they are managing. The point being it is very difficult to appreciate everything that is

  • Making the Effort

    Making the Effort0

      Life is difficult. No surprise there; but, believe it or not, I think it can sometimes be better that way. That thought follows on from the column I wrote last week about the current fascination with sharing photographs. In that piece I suggested the excessive amount of time some of us spend taking, sharing

  • Scary Picture

    Scary Picture0

        People these days tend to photograph their way through life… but quite often they are not in the picture. A woman said that recently during a BBC radio interview. I didn’t hear the entire programme and I don’t know her name or what she does but I agree with the point I believe

  • Football for All

    Football for All0

      I’ve been enjoying the football at the Women’s World Cup. There don’t’ seem to be as many selfish players as in men’s game and most of the goals I’ve seen have come from well-organised team play. I like that. I also got quite a kick out of watching the Nigeria ladies fight back to

  • Nothing for Money

    Nothing for Money0

      Sometimes, you get what you pay for; sometimes, you don’t, and sometimes what you pay has little to do with your experience. Those thoughts were running through my head last week as I listened to a remake of the rock classic ‘Money for Nothing’ at a live concert in the English midlands. The show

  • Success and Failure

    Success and Failure0

      The road to riches does not always run through the class room. Usain Bolt developed his athletic ability instead of pursuing higher education. So did most professional football stars. Many artists, musicians, craftsmen as well as people in other fields have also done extremely well by developing skills they learned outside school. That opening

  • Time to Think

    Time to Think0

      Doing things is good… but sometimes, stopping and just thinking can be better. That idea holds even when we are extremely busy. Take that cartoon above as an example; if those characters had just stopped for a moment they might have recognised an opportunity to save themselves a lot of hard work. The same

  • Sorting the Rubbish

    Sorting the Rubbish0

      I may have stumbled upon a simple truth last week under a load of rubbish. The incident occurred at my mother’s house in the United States soon after my sister told me about the supposedly improved operating system that came with her new laptop. She’s pretty good with technology, but she said she has

  • Fun, Fear and Money

    Fun, Fear and Money0

      They’ve taken the fun out of everything. My mother said that to me the other day shortly after I arrived at her house in the United States, after flying across the Atlantic Ocean from England. Her comment was a response to my tales about going through airport security and the quality of service on

  • Accepting the Past

    Accepting the Past0

      I felt quite good the other day after watching a news report about an innocent man who had spent two thirds of his life in jail. I have to confess that is a strange thing to say… but it’s true. I rarely watch TV news because so many of the stories are tragedies that

  • Cost Cutting Caution

    Cost Cutting Caution0

      Being cheap can be expensive. I know this from personal experience. I also know that if I’m not careful, trying to save money by doing things myself can take up an awful lot of time. Over the years, I’ve had to replace quite a few repairable appliances and other gadgets after attempting to fix

  • Roll Over Rover

    Roll Over Rover1

      Things change but that doesn’t mean they always get better… at least not for everyone. Let’s take the development of 4×4 vehicles as an example. They used to be purely functional, but now how they look is often more important than how they perform. Of course, there have also been improvements in fuel consumption,

  • Problem Solving Blues

    Problem Solving Blues0

      I solved a specific problem last week, but once I did that I became aware of a much more general one. The specific problem had to do with some American tax filing requirements for citizens that live and work outside the States that I only found out about last December. At that point it

  • Spirit of the Law

    Spirit of the Law0

      I once got nabbed for driving at 61kph in a 60kph zone in Francistown. The violation occurred back when the police were first using radar guns to enforce speed limits in the city. In those days the fines were P30 plus P5 for every kph over the limit so I didn’t take time off

  • Living in the Present

    Living in the Present1

      Planning for the future can be a good thing, but quite often we take it too far and forget about the importance of living today. I heard a story last week about an American businessman who went to Mexico for his annual two week holiday that highlights that danger. I considered moving it to

  • Natural Timing

    Natural Timing0

    • MYOB
    • February 27, 2015

      I am a lucky man. When I went to sleep two nights ago I was planning to pop out of bed early and get started on this column. When I looked out the window yesterday morning, however, the sun was shining and I realised it was far too nice outside to spend the day

  • Reality Check

    Reality Check0

    • MYOB
    • February 20, 2015

      Each one of us is an amazing creature. I’m not saying that because I want to promote positive thinking, I’m saying it because I believe it is true and I think we would all be happier people if we could be more aware of that fact. Actually, I think more awareness in general could


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