• Making the Effort

    Making the Effort0

      Life is difficult. No surprise there; but, believe it or not, I think it can sometimes be better that way. That thought follows on from the column I wrote last week about the current fascination with sharing photographs. In that piece I suggested the excessive amount of time some of us spend taking, sharing

  • Scary Picture

    Scary Picture0

        People these days tend to photograph their way through life… but quite often they are not in the picture. A woman said that recently during a BBC radio interview. I didn’t hear the entire programme and I don’t know her name or what she does but I agree with the point I believe

  • Football for All

    Football for All0

      I’ve been enjoying the football at the Women’s World Cup. There don’t’ seem to be as many selfish players as in men’s game and most of the goals I’ve seen have come from well-organised team play. I like that. I also got quite a kick out of watching the Nigeria ladies fight back to

  • Nothing for Money

    Nothing for Money0

      Sometimes, you get what you pay for; sometimes, you don’t, and sometimes what you pay has little to do with your experience. Those thoughts were running through my head last week as I listened to a remake of the rock classic ‘Money for Nothing’ at a live concert in the English midlands. The show

  • Success and Failure

    Success and Failure0

      The road to riches does not always run through the class room. Usain Bolt developed his athletic ability instead of pursuing higher education. So did most professional football stars. Many artists, musicians, craftsmen as well as people in other fields have also done extremely well by developing skills they learned outside school. That opening

  • Time to Think

    Time to Think0

      Doing things is good… but sometimes, stopping and just thinking can be better. That idea holds even when we are extremely busy. Take that cartoon above as an example; if those characters had just stopped for a moment they might have recognised an opportunity to save themselves a lot of hard work. The same