• The boundaries of peace

    The boundaries of peace0

      The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence began on Tuesday. Since 1991 individuals, civil society and governments have used the campaign as a global organising strategy in the fight against all forms of violence against women. But sadly for the young woman in my story this week, it would seem that it has

  • The sins of the fathers

    The sins of the fathers0

      Every time she heard her uncle’s dreaded footsteps approaching Pako feared for her life – either because he was again about to force himself upon her, or he was intent on carrying out his threat to kill for fear she revealed his shameful secret. And now her torturer was also the father of her

  • Big boys do cry

    Big boys do cry1

      We held our breath as the floodgates of emotion burst open. From the stiff upper lip of the British to the warrior mentality of the African, one of society’s simplistic assumptions is that men never cry. But of course they do. This week’s story from the kgotla is a case in point, which as

  • Crime on the holy bed

    Crime on the holy bed0

      He didn’t even have the decency to use a condom. I have tip toed around this story of matrimonial rape for too long. But now, like the women concerned, it is time to speak out. As husbands take advantage of their wives under cover of the ‘contract of love,’ there is an urgent need

  • Untangling the love triangle0

      The election is over and as the Daily News announced in their celebratory headline – “BDP Marches On.” Whether that translates into ‘Botswana Marching On’depends very much on how MP’s from the three parties ‘bed down’ together in their marriage of (in) convenience. But the idea that the resulting ‘love triangle’ could determine the

  • Which way Botswana?

    Which way Botswana?0

      Culturally when a woman was in labour it was a big deal. Apart from the midwives ensuring the safe arrival of new life, there would be women drumming outside to prevent the agonized cries of the mother reaching the ears of men in the homestead. This week Batswana hold their breath in the midst


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