• Two Prizes and a Market

    Two Prizes and a Market0

      Time to get to the business at hand- namely writing and sending your work out. How do you know where you stand as a writer if you don’t venture out there and see how you fare? Submit your work. Rejection is fun. Not really, but it is part of the job. 1. Writivism Short

  • The Dangers of Lying

    The Dangers of Lying1

      Lately I’ve been reading astounding things from writers in our local press. About a week or so ago I read an article about a self published author who had written a self help book based on his own experiences. In the article, the author said that he had sold 10,000 copies of his book

  • The African Literary Scene is Small-Be Warned

    The African Literary Scene is Small-Be Warned3

      The other day I got an acceptance for one of my novels from a publisher in another African country. (Yay! Happy! Party!) At the time that the acceptance appeared in my inbox, I was having an email chat with a Motswana writer friend who is currently living in another country. I told her about

  • Mental Illness and Writers

    Mental Illness and Writers0

      On the 31st of January, an article appeared on the UK Guardian website written by writer Chimamanda Adichie. It was a personal account of her battle with depression. Sadly, its publication seems to have been a mistake and The Guardian took the article down the next day. Apparently, according to Adichie’s team, The Guardian

  • Finding Love in a Good Book

    Finding Love in a Good Book0

      Valentine’s Day is tomorrow so I thought I’d go looking for love in all of the right places-BOOKS! Here are some love quotes to get you in the right mood, enjoy! “Is love this misguided need to have you beside me most of the time? Is love this safety I feel in our silences?

  • How NOT to Organise a Workshop

    How NOT to Organise a Workshop0

      So early January I get a call on my cell. “Can you attend a workshop?” I was confused. How could I answer that question? I’d never heard that there was a workshop in my future requiring my attendance. It was early, I wasn’t quite awake, maybe I forgot about it. “I can’t say,” I


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