• Can she get a refund?

    Can she get a refund?0

      My mother sent my younger sister on the 14th September 2015 to go to a shop to buy some furniture for my other younger sister. She purchased a Double Bed for P750 and Chest of Drawers for P459 the total price for both items amounting to P1,209. She paid for the goods the same

  • Is this a loan shark?

    Is this a loan shark?0

      I came across a flyer for quick and easy loans. The advert read NEED CASH NEED TIME TO PAY? First month is interest free. These are their requirements; OMANG, PAYSLIP, 3 MONTHS BANK STATEMENTS AND ATM CARD. I thought the law doesn’t allow them to hold on to your omang and ATM card anymore.

  • Can I get my money back???

    Can I get my money back???0

      I need your assistance. Last month I paid someone a P500 deposit for them to assist me with proposal for CEDA loans but when I did not receive the receipt after a few days I had a bad feeling and asked if it was too late for me to get my money back and

  • SMS warning

    SMS warning0

      A number of readers have contacted us asking about strange text messages that they’ve received. All of them have originated from overseas and they‘ve all implied that the recipient to should call the number in question. Several came from number starting with +44701 and said things like “Hello We have important Voice message for

  • Must I pay them?

    Must I pay them?0

      Can you please advise me on my rights regarding the letter of demand that I have received from the insurance company of a driver that my wife had an accident with. The gentleman concerned reported the accident to his insurance company as his car was under an HP agreement when the accident occurred. He

  • Where are my bricks?

    Where are my bricks?1

        On the 25th October 2014 we paid P1,100 to a company for delivery of 200 bricks at a cost of P5.50 per brick, and since then there was no delivery done. We contacted the person who helped us regarding the delivery only to be given false promises. We phoned him again on the

  • Hire purchase woes

    Hire purchase woes1

      I am writing this letter asking for your help as I always read your letters helping consumers from The Voice newspaper. I bought a deep freezer in March 2015 from a furniture shop in Francistown. I paid a deposit of P1,140 in the same month. I defaulted to pay because of some reasons. On

  • Wedding blues

    Wedding blues0

      This communication serves to request your help to help follow up a company which I paid P2,000 in part payment to start media coverage for my wedding celebration on dates and venues as stipulated in the agreement contract letter. The company covered the wedding celebration as per contract, however they did not finish me

  • What is a grey import?

    What is a grey import?0

        Please can you explain what grey marketing is.I have seen a new laptop at a fantastic price from a fancy looking store in one of our malls. However on investigation this laptop is not available in Africa. What does this mean for my guarantee? I have been told that the HP warranty centre

  • A broken sofa

    A broken sofa0

      Hi, guys please help. I bought a couch in June and I got a 30% discount because it was dirty. The sales lady told me it was because it was the last one they had. When it got home I noticed it had a tear towards the back and that it was shaking on

  • Should I trade Forex?

    Should I trade Forex?10

      I had come across a UK based stock investment company trading by the name UFX markets, website UFXMarkets.com. I had not made any investment yet, but I was asking if you could make an investigation regarding the genuineness of these stock traders and advice me on whether they are genuine and worth investing with.

  • An update: how to fix a problem

    An update: how to fix a problem0

      A couple of weeks ago I answered a reader’s request for help with her insurance company. She asked them to cancel her policy from March this year but they failed to do so and continued to deduct money from her account. She then called Mr A who referred her to Ms B, who asked

  • Am I entitled to a refund?

    Am I entitled to a refund?1

      I purchase a Nokia 925 cellphone in Dec 2015. Thereafter the phone had a problem of producing excessive heat, and was taken to the store to be repaired in January and they were unsuccessful. A new one, the same model was given to me as replacement. In May, the switch of the new phone

  • Is this a real company?

    Is this a real company?0

      I wanted to find out if it is possible to find out if “Leisure Live Travel Club” is real and not a scam. I recently signed up with them after their too good to be true presentation for membership while I was on a holiday in Durban this past Easter holiday. I paid R500

  • A recruitment scam warning

    A recruitment scam warning0

      Dear Consumer Voice I have applied for a job outside in Australia by the company called Princess Cruise Line. So these guys accepted my application and offered me the job as a hotel night auditor. They send me a contract letter to sign and send it back to them as they are processing my

  • Do I owe them?

    Do I owe them?0

      Dear Consumer Voice Please help me understand this. I opened an account with a furniture store in 2010 while I was a student. After finishing school I could not afford to pay the instalments as I am still unemployed. I owed P3,000 at that time. Last week someone contacted me and said I owe

  • A loan scam warning

    A loan scam warning2

      Dear Consumer Voice In August 2013 we heard about someone in South Africa called Mandy Louwwho claimed to represent a company called Express Finance and was offering to lend very large sums at a mere 2.5% interest per year. Was it real, we were asked? No. There IS a lender in SA called Express

  • Can store security guards search me?

    Can store security guards search me?0

      Today, I was coming out of a supermarket and I had a plastic bag in which there was a box of juice. In my other hand I had a gift bag. So the security guy asked me to stop so he could search me, and he also wanted the receipt. I asked him to

  • Will they repair my keyboard?

    Will they repair my keyboard?0

      Dear Consumer Voice On the 7th October 2013 we bought a keyboard for P9,700. Afterwards, still in 2013 it developed an audio problem and we sent it back to them. They attended the problem and the keyboard worked well for the next 3 months. After that the same problem surfaced. When we took it

  • Is X-Treme Fuel Treatment a scam?

    Is X-Treme Fuel Treatment a scam?0

      Dear Consumer Voice I have recently to join marketing network for a company called Syntex Global. They sell a product called X-Treme Fuel Treatment. Please advice if this is a genuine proposals or its one of those scams? No, I wouldn’t say it’s a scam but it isn’t exactly what you might have been


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