• From dependence to independence

    From dependence to independence0

    Substance abuse addiction sometimes referred to as dependence is a condition whereby, an individual has to use his/her drug of choice in order to function. It is a state in which a person requires a steady concentration of a particular substance to avoid experiencing withdrawal symptoms. It usually results in repeated adverse social consequences, for

  • BOSASNet joins the rest of the world in the Voices of Recovery

    BOSASNet joins the rest of the world in the Voices of Recovery0

    In September every year, countries all over the world celebrate National Recovery Month. The theme for this year is Join the Voices for Recovery: Visible, Vocal, Valuable. BOSASNet joined these celebrations by carrying out interventions to prove that substance abuse treatment is effective, and people can recover from substance abuse. Just like BOSASNet you can join the voices too. Society usually speaks with one voice against substance abuse and sometimes that

  • Drug Free Lifestyle; You have the Power

    Drug Free Lifestyle; You have the Power1

    The month of August is coming to an end and BOSASNet’s Substance Abuse Awareness Month (SAAM) is wrapping up. Following the theme ‘DRUG FREE LIFESTYLE; YOU HAVE THE POWER’. SAAM 2015 began on a high note with an Awareness Walk in the Mogoditshane area to sensitise the residents on the existence of services provided by BOSASNet as well as disseminating information through

  • Drug Free Lifestyle – You have the Power

    Drug Free Lifestyle – You have the Power0

    This month at BOSASNet we are commemorating our annual Substance Abuse Awareness Month (SAAM) under the theme: “Drug Free Lifestyle: You Have The Power”. We chose this theme because most of our clients at the beginning of recovery seem to believe that it is impossible to live a drug free lifestyle. They sometimes believe they have no power when it comes to drugs and that the only way to

  • Substances robbed me of my child

    Substances robbed me of my child0

      This week at BOSASNet we have a testimony by a parent whose child abuses marijuana and the topic is “Substances robbed me of my child.” When a parent brings children into this world they are happy, excited and wish to do their best to bring the children up to be responsible adults. Bringing up

  • Women and Substance Abuse Treatment

    Women and Substance Abuse Treatment0

      March 8th marked the International Women’s Day and this year’s theme “Make it happen” speaks to equality for women. It is with this theme in mind that BOSASNet explores women and substance abuse particularly their access to substance abuse treatment. Women are nurturers. BOSASNet receives a lot of phone calls from women who are

  • Sober fun is possible!0

    Every year BOSASNet sets aside one calendar month to commemorate the Substance Abuse Awareness Month (SAAM).This year SAAM is commemorated under the theme: “Sober is Cool: Rise above the Influence”.The month campaign is targeting youth aged 13-20 years. The highlight of the month was Substance Free Fun Day which was held last Saturday (23rd August

  • Is my substance abuse affecting my children?

    Is my substance abuse affecting my children?0

      It is well known that a parent with a drug or alcohol problem can have a negative effect on their family members. This week we are specifically looking at mothers who use substances and how it affects their children. Substance abuse by mothers impacts not only their health but those of their children. Taking

  • World No Tobacco Day 2014

    World No Tobacco Day 20140

      May 31st is World No Tobacco Day which is a day dedicated to highlight the health risks associated with smoking and advocate for reduction or cessation of tobacco use. This year’s theme is “Raise taxes on tobacco”, which aims to advocate for countries to develop effective policies to promote reduction of tobacco use. Tobacco

  • Crystal Meth

    Crystal Meth0

      BOSASNet has continued to raise awareness on drugs on the rise in Botswana, which means we are discussing drugs that may be new to Botswana or have been there but not been used by many people. One drug which is relatively new is crystal meth. Crystal methamphetamine hydrochloride is an upper which gets its

  • Rising from the ashes

    Rising from the ashes0

    One Man’ Struggles with Crack Cocaine Addiction “My advice to anyone thinking about using crack is for them to steer very clear away from it! It’s just not worth it.” I first smoked crack in 2008 at a friend’s house in the wee hours of the morning after a hectic night at the club. It

  • Substances on the rise: Crack cocaine0

      During month of April 2014 we will be looking at substances that are on the rise in Botswana. One of the substances on the rise is “crack cocaine”. “Crack” is the name given to cocaine that has been processed and transformed into a more potent, smokable, “rock” form. In BOSASNet we have seen an

  • HIV transmission and substance abuse

    HIV transmission and substance abuse0

      The month of March is the Month of Youth Against Aids (MYAA) under the theme “Zero New HIV Infections, Zero Discrimination, Zero AIDS related deaths”. This month will be addressing the link between substance abuse and HIV/AIDS. Substance abuse has been identified as one of the key drivers of HIV transmission in Botswana. This

  • Substance Abuse and Sexual Dysfunction0

    In continuing with our month of love theme the topic for this week is “substance abuse and its impact on sexual dysfunction.” Sex is one of the most cited reasons for problems or successes in relationships and we are going to explore some of the ways that the ability to enjoy a fulfilling sexual life

  • Substance Abuse and Sexual Dysfunction

    Substance Abuse and Sexual Dysfunction0

    In continuing with our month of love theme the topic for this week is “substance abuse and its impact on sexual dysfunction.” Sex is one of the most cited reasons for problems or successes in relationships and we are going to explore some of the ways that the ability to enjoy a fulfilling sexual life

  • Family Finances and Substance Abuse

    Family Finances and Substance Abuse0

    The month of February we focus on how Substance Abuse and Love. This week we discuss how substance abuse affects relationships. Family relationships Substance Abuse affects relationships in many ways; it can have direct and indirect impact on any member in any area of their lives. The member of the family who abuses a substance

  • Love in the Club

    Love in the Club0

    On the 14th of February we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. We have therefore decided to look at substance abuse and romance. Single, and sometimes even married, people go out to nightclubs and drinking spots to find romance. When looking for a lasting relationship remember that not everyone you see at the club is looking

  • BOSASNET 06.09.130

    “What’s Our Role As a Nation? The last of a series of “What’s Your Role” articles that ran through this month looks at the role of the nation in preventing youth substance use. A nation is made up of the population of its people and if part of the population is not well the whole

  • SAAM 2013: ‘Preventing Youth and Substance Use – What’s Your Role?’0

    In its efforts to continue to fulfill its objectives to increase awareness and educate the public on substance use, abuse, and dependency, BOSASNet has chosen the month of August 2013 to commemorate its 3rd annual Substance Abuse Awareness Month (SAAM). This year’s SAAM theme is ‘Preventing Youth and Substance Use – What’s Your Role?’ The


    “Morally weak.” “A character defi ciency.” “Lacking will power.” “Poverty stricken.” “Uneducated.” “Mentally unbalanced.” or “A product of a dysfunctional family”. These are some of the popular misconceptions and stereotypes that stigmatise people who abuse substances or substancedependent people. However; some of us either know somebody personally or might even have a family member that


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