• Substances robbed me of my child

    Substances robbed me of my child0

      This week at BOSASNet we have a testimony by a parent whose child abuses marijuana and the topic is “Substances robbed me of my child.” When a parent brings children into this world they are happy, excited and wish to do their best to bring the children up to be responsible adults. Bringing up

  • Women and Substance Abuse Treatment

    Women and Substance Abuse Treatment1

      March 8th marked the International Women’s Day and this year’s theme “Make it happen” speaks to equality for women. It is with this theme in mind that BOSASNet explores women and substance abuse particularly their access to substance abuse treatment. Women are nurturers. BOSASNet receives a lot of phone calls from women who are

  • Sober fun is possible!0

    Every year BOSASNet sets aside one calendar month to commemorate the Substance Abuse Awareness Month (SAAM).This year SAAM is commemorated under the theme: “Sober is Cool: Rise above the Influence”.The month campaign is targeting youth aged 13-20 years. The highlight of the month was Substance Free Fun Day which was held last Saturday (23rd August

  • Is my substance abuse affecting my children?

    Is my substance abuse affecting my children?0

      It is well known that a parent with a drug or alcohol problem can have a negative effect on their family members. This week we are specifically looking at mothers who use substances and how it affects their children. Substance abuse by mothers impacts not only their health but those of their children. Taking

  • World No Tobacco Day 2014

    World No Tobacco Day 20140

      May 31st is World No Tobacco Day which is a day dedicated to highlight the health risks associated with smoking and advocate for reduction or cessation of tobacco use. This year’s theme is “Raise taxes on tobacco”, which aims to advocate for countries to develop effective policies to promote reduction of tobacco use. Tobacco

  • Crystal Meth

    Crystal Meth0

      BOSASNet has continued to raise awareness on drugs on the rise in Botswana, which means we are discussing drugs that may be new to Botswana or have been there but not been used by many people. One drug which is relatively new is crystal meth. Crystal methamphetamine hydrochloride is an upper which gets its