• She ignores my calls

    She ignores my calls0

    I need your help Sis Gase. I’m in a relationship with someone I’m intending to get married to very soon. But just recently she started behaving in a strange manner. At times she does not answer the phone especially when she has gone to spend the weekend at her home village, and refuses to give

  • She loves me more

    She loves me more0

    I’m in a relationship with a girl whose father is my colleague at work and we are also neighbours. He doesn’t know about my relationship with his daughter; if/when he finds out he is not going to like it and we will have to part ways again. We are both not free because of this

  • My Ex denies me access to the children

    My Ex denies me access to the children0

    The mother of my two children (a son and a daughter) does not want me to check on the kids at all and she doesn’t allow them to visit me. I was instructed to pay P300-00 every month for child-maintenance but I was unemployed and unable to pay for many months. Fortunately I got another

  • We want Ask Gase on Facebook

    We want Ask Gase on Facebook0

    Dear Gase, Thank you for your STRAIGHT TALKING PROBLEM PAGE. You are changing many lives…keep it up the good work. I personally recommend that you open a Facebook page, so that u can help many people. You can benchmark on THEMBA SIWELE Page on Facebook; he is doing a good job.   GASE SAYS: It’s

  • My husband is abusive

    My husband is abusive0

    I am a 26 year-old- lady and I got married in 2013. My husband moved from our matrimonial house to go and stay with his parents. He is always shouting at me in the presence of other people. He doesn’t allow me to raise my complaints in the house, He is always reporting me to

  • Pressure of life are making me suicidal

    Pressure of life are making me suicidal0

    Hi, I’m a 19- year -old girl. I completed my form five in 2013 and had a gap year in 2014. I then tried applying everywhere but I haven’t been accepted anywhere. I also wanted to do volunteer work but I don’t know how to go about it. I’m rewriting some subjects but I’m so

  • I can’t trust women, Should I become gay?

    I can’t trust women, Should I become gay?2

    I’m a 22- year- old guy who is heartbroken because my girlfriend cheats on me. I forgave her more than once but she keeps on repeating although she had said it was a mistake the first time it happened. I feel very sad because of what she’s doing to me and I’m beginning to lose

  • How will I know that my guy loves me?

    How will I know that my guy loves me?0

    GASE SAYS It’s very easy to see it in his eyes if he truly loves you; it’s also in the way he treats you…in what he says and how he says it, in what he does and how he does it. Someone who doesn’t love you is just as easy to spot; he will never

  • I have lost desire for girls, am I becoming homosexual?

    I have lost desire for girls, am I becoming homosexual?0

    May 2015 was a good month for me. I had just completed my Bachelor’s Degree and was awaiting my final results. This happiness came about also because I had just tested for HIV and the results were negative. For six months prior to that I was worried sick about my health status because when I

  • Does age difference matter?

    Does age difference matter?0

    I’m a lady of 24 and in love with a man aged 40. We are happy together and even my parents and siblings have accepted him. We are planning to get married but some of my friends say he’s too old for me. I don’t think age matters in love as long as we’re both

  • Mother-in-law favours some grandchildren over others

    Mother-in-law favours some grandchildren over others0

    Dear Gase My mother-in-law treats my children and her biological grandchildren very differently. My husband has three children from his first marriage and I have two. Mum-in-law is very generous to his children but rarely buys my children a treat. It really breaks my heart. GASE SAYS Seeing your children’s distress is painful but the

  • My girlfriend is a dictator

    My girlfriend is a dictator0

    I’m a young man of 28. I met this 26-year-old lady who swept me off my feet three years ago. When we first met, she was humble, loving and lots of fun. We became friends before we dated, and now she’s my official girlfriend. Things have since changed and she has turned into a dictator.

  • Finally got my daughter back

    Finally got my daughter back0

    Hi Gase. I am pleased to inform you that I was in court on 12/08/15 and the court ordered my ex to comply with the court order, failing which she will be imprisoned for 45 days. It was an application regarding contempt of court. She is now cooperating with me and she asked me to

  • She earns more than I do.

    She earns more than I do.0

    Hello my sister. I hope this mail finds you well. I am a loyal reader of your article in The Voice and once got help from you. I come to you today with an issue that I thought was not big but is now disturbing me. I am dating a nice, beautiful woman who has

  • My girlfriend is older and has a child

    My girlfriend is older and has a child0

    Hi! I hope you are doing well. I want you to advice me on this issue. I have met this lady; she is 33 and I am 28. I want you to advice me if this will not work against me in the near future. She has an 11-year daughter and the father visits to

  • I want to marry her but we are related

    I want to marry her but we are related3

    Dear Gase, I need your advice; I have a boyfriend and we have been dating for 8 months now. We come from the same village, but suddenly my parents and his parents are saying that we (him and I) are relatives but my aunt says it’s not true. Some of my older cousins are also

  • Boyfriend gone AWOL

    Boyfriend gone AWOL1

    Dear Gase, I have not seen my boyfriend for the past two weeks but we live and work a few minutes from each other in the same city, he only talks to me if am the one who called. He does not call or communicate. I have tried asking him if he still needs me in his life and he

  • Why do i attract wrong men?

    Why do i attract wrong men?0

    Dear Gase, I am a beautiful, intelligent, and hardworking woman in my late twenties but for some reason that I do not understand I am unlucky when it comes to a loving and stable relationship. I have a well-paying job and a four- year- old son that I’m raising by myself. I’ve had five failed love affairs in the last three

  • I belong to no man’s land

    I belong to no man’s land0

    Dear Gase It is with great pain and anger that I share my story with you. I am a young lady aged 27. My mother is a foreigner and my father is a Motswana. The thing is that I should have applied to be a citizen of Botswana at the age of 21 but I

  • My future father-in-law is uncooperative

    My future father-in-law is uncooperative2

    Hi Gase! My fiancee and I are planning to get married as soon as possible. We both live in the UK and our wish was to get married sometime between September and December this year, because that is when we shall get a chance to go home. My fiancee has long told his parents (who


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