• Drug Free Lifestyle; You have the Power

    Drug Free Lifestyle; You have the Power0

    The month of August is coming to an end and BOSASNet’s Substance Abuse Awareness Month (SAAM) is wrapping up. Following the theme ‘DRUG FREE LIFESTYLE; YOU HAVE THE POWER’. SAAM 2015 began on a high note with an Awareness Walk in the Mogoditshane area to sensitise the residents on the existence of services provided by BOSASNet as well as disseminating information through

  • The high cost of beauty

    The high cost of beauty0

      On Sunday afternoon, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole was in a taxi from the bus rank to the Main Mall in Gaborone when he overheard this conversation between passengers on the challenges of looking beuatiful. WOMAN WITH LONG HAIR: I have to cut my hair tomorrow. The last time I had a haircut was a

  • Boyfriend gone AWOL

    Boyfriend gone AWOL0

    Dear Gase, I have not seen my boyfriend for the past two weeks but we live and work a few minutes from each other in the same city, he only talks to me if am the one who called. He does not call or communicate. I have tried asking him if he still needs me in his life and he

  • Can I get my money back???

    Can I get my money back???0

      I need your assistance. Last month I paid someone a P500 deposit for them to assist me with proposal for CEDA loans but when I did not receive the receipt after a few days I had a bad feeling and asked if it was too late for me to get my money back and

  • SMS warning

    SMS warning0

      A number of readers have contacted us asking about strange text messages that they’ve received. All of them have originated from overseas and they‘ve all implied that the recipient to should call the number in question. Several came from number starting with +44701 and said things like “Hello We have important Voice message for

  • Taking Our Own Advice

    Taking Our Own Advice0

        “You need to lose weight.” Do other people’s problems seem easier than your own? Easier for you to solve, that is. That’s the way it works for me and I imagine that’s because when I try to help others I don’t take their problems personally. That means I can look at the situation

  • Why do i attract wrong men?

    Why do i attract wrong men?0

    Dear Gase, I am a beautiful, intelligent, and hardworking woman in my late twenties but for some reason that I do not understand I am unlucky when it comes to a loving and stable relationship. I have a well-paying job and a four- year- old son that I’m raising by myself. I’ve had five failed love affairs in the last three

  • The village belle discussed

    The village belle discussed0

    Recently Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole travelled from Mochudi to Gaborone. On the way, he overheard a conversation between the driver and passengers about a woman who patronise village bars DRIVER: Where is that slender girl who stays in your neighborhood? I haven’t seen her for quite some time. WOMAN IN CYAN JERSEY: She’s around in

  • Drug Free Lifestyle – You have the Power

    Drug Free Lifestyle – You have the Power0

    This month at BOSASNet we are commemorating our annual Substance Abuse Awareness Month (SAAM) under the theme: “Drug Free Lifestyle: You Have The Power”. We chose this theme because most of our clients at the beginning of recovery seem to believe that it is impossible to live a drug free lifestyle. They sometimes believe they have no power when it comes to drugs and that the only way to

  • I belong to no man’s land

    I belong to no man’s land0

    Dear Gase It is with great pain and anger that I share my story with you. I am a young lady aged 27. My mother is a foreigner and my father is a Motswana. The thing is that I should have applied to be a citizen of Botswana at the age of 21 but I

  • Must I pay them?

    Must I pay them?0

      Can you please advise me on my rights regarding the letter of demand that I have received from the insurance company of a driver that my wife had an accident with. The gentleman concerned reported the accident to his insurance company as his car was under an HP agreement when the accident occurred. He

  • Where are my bricks?

    Where are my bricks?1

        On the 25th October 2014 we paid P1,100 to a company for delivery of 200 bricks at a cost of P5.50 per brick, and since then there was no delivery done. We contacted the person who helped us regarding the delivery only to be given false promises. We phoned him again on the

  • Hire purchase woes

    Hire purchase woes1

      I am writing this letter asking for your help as I always read your letters helping consumers from The Voice newspaper. I bought a deep freezer in March 2015 from a furniture shop in Francistown. I paid a deposit of P1,140 in the same month. I defaulted to pay because of some reasons. On

  • Hands-on experience

    Hands-on experience0

      Things seem easier when someone else is doing them. I buried that line in last week’s column when I was talking about how important it is for managers to have hands on experience with the various types of work they are managing. The point being it is very difficult to appreciate everything that is

  • Wedding blues

    Wedding blues0

      This communication serves to request your help to help follow up a company which I paid P2,000 in part payment to start media coverage for my wedding celebration on dates and venues as stipulated in the agreement contract letter. The company covered the wedding celebration as per contract, however they did not finish me

  • My future father-in-law is uncooperative

    My future father-in-law is uncooperative2

    Hi Gase! My fiancee and I are planning to get married as soon as possible. We both live in the UK and our wish was to get married sometime between September and December this year, because that is when we shall get a chance to go home. My fiancee has long told his parents (who

  • Lesbian Fantasies

    Lesbian Fantasies0

    Hi aunty! I’m having a problem here; every time I masturbate I fantasize about having sex with another lady, and I enjoy watching adult movies where there are lesbians than just a man and a woman…but in reality, I don’t see myself kissing another lady. I always tell myself that some fantasies are best left

  • Baby daddy neglects his child

    Baby daddy neglects his child0

    Dear Gase Sis Gase, I have a son and his father got married last year December. I just heard about the marriage from someone; he never told me that he was getting married. The thing is I love him with all my heart. When I asked him why he had to marry without telling me

  • What is a grey import?

    What is a grey import?0

        Please can you explain what grey marketing is.I have seen a new laptop at a fantastic price from a fancy looking store in one of our malls. However on investigation this laptop is not available in Africa. What does this mean for my guarantee? I have been told that the HP warranty centre

  • A broken sofa

    A broken sofa0

      Hi, guys please help. I bought a couch in June and I got a 30% discount because it was dirty. The sales lady told me it was because it was the last one they had. When it got home I noticed it had a tear towards the back and that it was shaking on


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