• “Americans stole my baby”

    “Americans stole my baby”6

      Grandma fights to get missing grandchild back from the US A distraught grandmother from Kanye village is fighting tooth and nail to bring back her missing great grand child from the United States of America (USA). 77 –year- old Keabona Molelo’s troubles started when her then 20- year- old granddaughter, Gaone Jack travelled to

  • 23 year-jail term for granny rapist

    23 year-jail term for granny rapist8

      A young rapist who violated his granny will have ample time to ponder on his depraved sex life after he was sentenced to an effective 23 years long jail term. The perverted 21 – year-old Keikantsemang Mereyothe from Tonota was already serving a 16- year prison sentence for raping his 85- year-old grandmother when

  • Thokolosi Raped Our Kids

    Thokolosi Raped Our Kids0

      Parents of two Makobo toddlers who are said to have been sexually abused have blamed the children’s ordeal on what they believe to be the works of evil forces. The toddlers aged 3 years and 18 months respectively were recently taken to Nyangabwe Referral Hospital after showing signs of possible sexual penetration on their

  • P 375, 000. 00 for marriage wrecking

    P 375, 000. 00 for marriage wrecking1

      Man fined for having a child with married woman A man who found out in court that his love rival had fathered a child with his wife got some relief when he was awarded a P375, 000. 00 compensation. The nasty revelation came tumbling out of the closet in a costly marriage-wrecking lawsuit initiated

  • Kwezi Wanted For Assaulting ATI

    Kwezi Wanted For Assaulting ATI15

    A graffiti artist who attacked rapper Atlasaone Molemogi also known as ATI has gone into hiding to avoid police arrest. Kwezi a popular graffiti artist disappeared into thin air Monday afternoon after he smashed the door to ATI’s rented house in Gaborone’s Block 5 location. In a telephone interview with The Voice, Kwezi did not

  • 3G Robbed of P280 000.00

    3G Robbed of P280 000.0027

    Police are still clueless on the whereabouts of three armed men who allegedly robbed the Gospel of God’s Grace Church, popularly known as 3G, in Kopong recently. Although Superintendent Nkwebi Chilisa of Mogoditshane police could not be drawn into confirming the amount that was stolen, sources at the church confirmed that the armed robbers made


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