• Man of many hats

    Man of many hats2

    Respected businessman – Shah He is one of the most successful businessmen in Botswana. In 1992, armed with only a degree in commerce, Jagdish Shah left India for a job in a country he knew very little about. Twenty-three years later, Shah is not only among the respected business people of this country, but the

  • From herd boy to millionaire

    From herd boy to millionaire12

    Rags to riches After completing primary school, this self made multi-millionaire was forced to become a herd-boy in Serowe because there was no money to pay secondary school fees. Determination, hard work and dedication would however later propel Benny Thomas to the level of success that many with high education can only dream about. Recently

  • Started from the bottom

    Started from the bottom1

    Growing up in a poor family did not deter him from living his dream of a good life! At the age of 32, he has achieved what many of his age can only dream of. A hard worker who believes that for one to make it in life they have to work hard, Tebogo Phalaagae

  • Heart of Gold

    Heart of Gold1

    Blessed is the hand that gives Her journey as a journalist opened her eyes to the plight of the poor and motivated her to make a difference. She chose to help the less privileged schoolchildren with school shoes. In an interview with MMIKA SOLOMON Chandapiwa Baputaki opens up about her love for people and children

  • The man with the midas touch

    The man with the midas touch2

    As a Chief Education Officer in Ngamiland I was horrified at the children’s use of vulgar language. Every  school that he headed was guaranteed an enviable position in the top three in the exam results. He had the magic formula and knew how to turn worst performing schools into centres of excellence throughout his illustrious career which spanned over three decades. Damien Thapa was undoubtedly one of the most sought after

  • Clean, sober and fit

    Clean, sober and fit5

      Strong willed “If you wake up in the morning without guilt, can’t eat and can go to work tired then you have a problem. If your purse is emptier than last night but you can’t account for the money then there is a bigger problem. If all your agemates look younger than you then


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