• The man with the midas touch

    The man with the midas touch0

    As a Chief Education Officer in Ngamiland I was horrified at the children’s use of vulgar language. Every  school that he headed was guaranteed an enviable position in the top three in the exam results. He had the magic formula and knew how to turn worst performing schools into centres of excellence throughout his illustrious career which spanned over three decades. Damien Thapa was undoubtedly one of the most sought after

  • Clean, sober and fit

    Clean, sober and fit5

      Strong willed “If you wake up in the morning without guilt, can’t eat and can go to work tired then you have a problem. If your purse is emptier than last night but you can’t account for the money then there is a bigger problem. If all your agemates look younger than you then

  • Career Woman

    Career Woman3

    On top of her game They say dynamites come in small packages. For Kelly Ramputswa the adage literally describes her. She is an intelligent woman who prefers to be independent. Her journey through to success came through hard work. Now that she is at the helm of the newly introduced courier company, her life will

  • Touched by local warmth

    Touched by local warmth0

      From America with love “I believe in the power of my soul’s destiny. I thank my parents for loving me unconditionally, for nurturing and encouraging me, for allowing me the freedom to explore my creativity. I was blessed with gifts I am to cultivate and share with the world”. These are the words uttered

  • Referee on the go

    Referee on the go0

    For a skinny athlete and not one of the most confident, Emmanuel Masinki has surpassed expectations on the rugby field and he now has his eyes set on the big stage. The former fullback is among the top referees in the game and with more international call ups to officiate all over Africa, the Ramotswa

  • Controversial beauty

    Controversial beauty0

      Outspoken South African artist Kelly Khumalo often hits the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Indeed, the controversial singer come actress’ colourful private life often overshadows her immense musical talent. However, as she talks all things music with Voice reporter LEONARD MATOTA, the sassy South African’s innate love for her art becomes abundantly obvious.


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