• Natural Hair Tip

    Natural Hair Tip0

    Afro tricks to keep it healthy and rich… Natural hair had been trending for seasons and will continue to trend even later. It brings out the beauty in being a 21st century woman. Whether it is an Afro, kinky short hair or dreadlocks it helps reduce the use of chemicals on our heads. Natural hair needs to be maintained with more organic solutions. When its winter

  • Ghetto – Street Style

    Ghetto – Street Style0

    The Ghetto Street Style lens was out and about this past weekend and once again we bring you pictures of Francistowners in their simplest yet elegant street wear. With limited designer shops in the city it takes skill to put together an oufit and still look sizzling hot at a mall. Once again the Ghetto City slickers comes out

  • Teshwan Miller Redefinning Men’s Fashion

    Teshwan Miller Redefinning Men’s Fashion0

    HOW TO WEAR IT One with a brave heart will try this trend – The SHWAL or the exaggerated scarf! Gone are the days where fashion rules couldn’t be broken and you shied away from being yourself because you wanted to avoid the “what are they wearing”, “what were they thinking,” attitudes! This is the new fashion era and we at GaTsh Fros have fully

  • LEGiT presents Punk and Ivy

    LEGiT presents Punk and Ivy0

    LEGiT stores have made a fashionable discovery of duo that fits their style and brand, we were invited for a media day this past week to witness the exciting new range in collaboration with duo Khaya Bhubesii Sibiya and Bianca Miles Sibiya of the brand Punk & Ivy. LEGiT is known to collaborate with well

  • LEGiT presents legacy of Punk and Ivy

    LEGiT presents legacy of Punk and Ivy0

    LEGiT’s proud and defiant statement, “Don’t Tell Me What To Wear”, has become the mantra for Gaborone’s savvy young women who definitely know what they want. They know that with every new season the iconic brand gives them another reason to stake their individuality with a fresh range of fashion-forward items. And with a series

  • Afrocentric fabrics that demand attention

    Afrocentric fabrics that demand attention0

      The strikingly beautiful and unique designs are hard to miss in a country with a primarily European fashion sense. African Wax Prints-BW, an African fabrics oriented brand, is flexing its muscle and fashionistas are beginning to take notice. Tailor made dresses, neck pieces, bags, crafts and shoes are adorned with an African attitude, which


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