• Fashion X, a success

    Fashion X, a success0

    Fashion X show held its second installment at Pavilion, Fairgrounds last Friday. The show was a collaborative effort between Fairground Holdings as the hosts, and Inner-Aura Fashion house that brings some of Botswana’s hottest and newest designers. The platform was used to exhibit designers upcoming Spring 2016 collection and the event, organized by Karabo Sampson

  • Ghetto street style

    Ghetto street style0

    brought you by Most Wanted BW This week the famous Voice Fashion page has decided to give young and talented Francistown Fashion photographers a platform to express themselves. Going by the name Most Wanted BW, this sick bunch are documenting the second city’s fashion sense every week by randomly photographing people at malls and some of

  • The Voice fashion columnists in CNN

    The Voice fashion columnists in CNN0

    The Voice fashion columnists Gaone Mothibi and Tsholo Dikobe this week had an interview with CNN (Cable News Network). Through the interview which is expected to air on CNN DSTV channel 401 in September 18th in the program AFRICAN VOICES, the two women who are considered as Botswana’s leading fashion artists had the opportunity to

  • Bag It!

    Bag It!0

    Bags to add to your timeless collection With timeless choices to go for this spring like shoes, the right bag instantaneously completes an outfit! A bag does not only help store your personal belongings but these are the times where you have to enjoy carrying it. A bag is an extension of your personality. From

  • Your passport to luxury ~ Stuttafords Fashion

    Your passport to luxury ~ Stuttafords Fashion0

    Why travel the world for high end retail branded fashion when you can visit any of the 15 Stuttafords stores across Southern Africa to find the best luxury brands in the world? As one of the premier specialty retail store groups in Sub-Saharan Africa, Stuttafords is the preferred destination for discerning customers looking for the world’s best brands in a setting that epitomizes immaculate style and service. Stuttafords

  • Art of style

    Art of style0

    More often this questions always pops up; we love your style, how do you maintain it? Wearing clothes is not simply just wearing clothes to me. Its more than what it looks like to the next person. Clothes have the power to evoke an instant poise that relates and restores my inner confidence and uniquely

  • Natural Hair Tip

    Natural Hair Tip0

    Afro tricks to keep it healthy and rich… Natural hair had been trending for seasons and will continue to trend even later. It brings out the beauty in being a 21st century woman. Whether it is an Afro, kinky short hair or dreadlocks it helps reduce the use of chemicals on our heads. Natural hair needs to be maintained with more organic solutions. When its winter

  • Ghetto – Street Style

    Ghetto – Street Style0

    The Ghetto Street Style lens was out and about this past weekend and once again we bring you pictures of Francistowners in their simplest yet elegant street wear. With limited designer shops in the city it takes skill to put together an oufit and still look sizzling hot at a mall. Once again the Ghetto City slickers comes out

  • Teshwan Miller Redefinning Men’s Fashion

    Teshwan Miller Redefinning Men’s Fashion0

    HOW TO WEAR IT One with a brave heart will try this trend – The SHWAL or the exaggerated scarf! Gone are the days where fashion rules couldn’t be broken and you shied away from being yourself because you wanted to avoid the “what are they wearing”, “what were they thinking,” attitudes! This is the new fashion era and we at GaTsh Fros have fully

  • LEGiT presents Punk and Ivy

    LEGiT presents Punk and Ivy0

    LEGiT stores have made a fashionable discovery of duo that fits their style and brand, we were invited for a media day this past week to witness the exciting new range in collaboration with duo Khaya Bhubesii Sibiya and Bianca Miles Sibiya of the brand Punk & Ivy. LEGiT is known to collaborate with well

  • LEGiT presents legacy of Punk and Ivy

    LEGiT presents legacy of Punk and Ivy0

    LEGiT’s proud and defiant statement, “Don’t Tell Me What To Wear”, has become the mantra for Gaborone’s savvy young women who definitely know what they want. They know that with every new season the iconic brand gives them another reason to stake their individuality with a fresh range of fashion-forward items. And with a series

  • Afrocentric fabrics that demand attention

    Afrocentric fabrics that demand attention0

      The strikingly beautiful and unique designs are hard to miss in a country with a primarily European fashion sense. African Wax Prints-BW, an African fabrics oriented brand, is flexing its muscle and fashionistas are beginning to take notice. Tailor made dresses, neck pieces, bags, crafts and shoes are adorned with an African attitude, which

  • Who are the 2015 FWB Designers?

    Who are the 2015 FWB Designers?0

      Deja Vu Designs (SA) Deja Vu Designs is owned by Funeka Angel Sukazi from South Africa, a young woman with dreams. Her designs cater for a wide range of people, from matric dance dresses, wedding gowns, evening wear and jackets. They also cater for special designs for children. “Nothing is too big, small or

  • Glamour’s best stylish female

    Glamour’s best stylish female0

    In our fashion news this week, one half of GaTsh Fros, Tsholo Dikobe won Glamour magazines most stylish female at the Cape Town Fashion festival gala dinner. Tsholo’s mastery mix of casual and high fashion made her chic look like a bonafide staple, not only in the fashion forecast calendar. She solidified her place and

  • Indigenous Look Culture infused fashion

    Indigenous Look Culture infused fashion1

      This weekend we marvelled at the dynamics of traditional attire at the Son Of The Soil. We trend spotted, celebrated and promoted a Tswana cultural dialogue through lifestyle and clothes. From your favourite influencers- street style mavericks and celebrities with killer style, we kept tabs to stay in-the-know of what’s trending and what could

  • 2015 Male Trend Try out printed pants paired with solid colours

    2015 Male Trend Try out printed pants paired with solid colours0

      It’s time to get out of your comfort zone this 2015 Bros. Leave the not so fashionable items back with 2014 and jump on to the fashion that has a simple fusion that fits more into this modern age. Today fashion is diverse. Its best to keep grounded in a more personality fitted style.

  • Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

    Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?0

    Nothing says 2015 cool summer like a pair of mirrored or Polaroid sunglasses and if you do not own a pair of these Polaroid mirrored glasses then you are far behind with what is in this season. These days, stars are dressing up their dressed-down off-duty looks with hologram-like pairs that shift in color at

  • Style Stalking

    Style Stalking0

      Opposites attract bold swart of binary colours meet for maximum impact. Add a touch of gold or silver to take it up a notch. Channel these hottest new seasons ‘must have trends and be a hot commodity, shine and look more valuable than your national coin! SHANGANO: Maxi Printed Dresses: P1100.00 (iDL FASHIONS), silver

  • The ideal 2015 fashion

    The ideal 2015 fashion0

      2014 has been a good year for fashion despite losing one of the worlds renowned designers, Oscar De La Renta. One fashion designer you should watch out for is Ufuoma Ekpecham of Josh and Nicol. We recently got to work with the London based and amazing designer international stylist Arieta Murray, who was Josh

  • The finest women’s make-up

    The finest women’s make-up0

      The most loved season –festive has finally arrived. No matter how hard we try to jazz up our beauty routine, falling into a make-up rut is sometimes inevitable. Don’t fret. We show you how to play with your colour palette for a fun, flirty and bold look. After all it’s time to be experimental with


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