• The fast Minister

    The fast Minister0

    A high flying Minister who is also a brother to one of the most powerful politician in the country is said to be an extreme speed fanatic with no respect for traffic police on the road. The local Lewis Hamilton it is alleged has been caught one too many times. “Each time we catch him

  • Rikunde’s tears

    Rikunde’s tears0

    A video that pokes fun at officials after the Matsha tragedy is apparently threatening to end Maun based comedienne Rikunde’s career. The clip which, redicules the officials for their role in the Matsha truck accident which killed 9 schoolchildren was recorded by another female comedian from Maun. It went viral as Facebook users shared it

  • PPP taxi wars

    PPP taxi wars0

    His squabble with other bus owners in the Tonota region is legendary. Former National Assembly Deputy Speaker Pono Moathodi was apparently involved in yet another heated argument with Mandunyane bus operators who accused the former legislator of stealing passengers. A source who was at the scene told Shaya that a scuffle broke out between Mandunyane

  • Skhokho moves on

    Skhokho moves on0

    After his break up with Gaborone socialite Mercy Thebe, Mapetla took a break from the dating scene. Those close to him told Shaya that the “Aaah” hit maker did not take the break up very well. Fast forward to 2016 and Skhokho seems to be back in the game. Mapetla who ditched his locks for

  • Culture Spears war gets ugly

    Culture Spears war gets ugly0

    If you thought the divorce meant things will be normal again for Charmagal and Kabelo Mogwe, Shaya has got news for you. Apparently the jilted Mogwe now faces a legal battle as former group members Charmagal, Thembeni (Ramozara) and Joelinah want the remaining member to stop using the Culture Spears name. As equal shareholders in

  • Did the Minister lie?

    Did the Minister lie?0

    Soon after the Francistown stadium was completed, people were invited to suggest possible names for the stadium with prize money to be awarded to the winning name. Well, as you know that ‘all animals are equal, but others are more equal than others’ the President shocked Francistowners when he named the stadium a boring, Francistown

  • Illegal Wedding

    Illegal Wedding0

    Money is the root of all evil. Word in the Francistown streets is that a very high ranking Councillor from the ruling party is preparing to marry his mistress even though he is still legally married to his wife. Apparently the would be bride in Mmadinare and her friends and close friends were seen practicing

  • MP falls into manhole and sues

    MP falls into manhole and sues0

    Yours Truly has just learnt that an opposition Member of Parliament in Gaborone is contemplating a lawsuit after falling into a manhole. The MP who wrestled one of the long standing and BDP heavy weights during the 2014 general elections in the Southern part of Botswana is said to be waiting for a medical report

  • MP’s daughter defies her father

    MP’s daughter defies her father0

    So the rich want to keep their riches to themselves, even if it’s at the expense of their daughters’ happiness? A guy who went down the aisle with one of the Members of Parliament’s daughters during the festive season shocked many when he cried before the District Commissioner because the bride’s father pleaded with his

  • Tebo and Sonny’s false breakup?

    Tebo and Sonny’s false breakup?0

    He is at it again Sonny Serite, this time around the hard hitting journalist left his followers shocked when he posted from Namibia on Monday night that he broke up with his long time girlfriend Tebo Maseko. Shaya however is aware that the status was removed just after 30 minutes. Apparently when friends asked about

  • Sour Grapes

    Sour Grapes0

    If you hold or aspire to hold a high position in society you need to be careful of what you say in public or write on social platforms. Recently a high profile BDP member who held a prominent position within the ruling party before he was kicked out of Tsholetsa posted that, “Tota hela ha

  • Pay up!

    Pay up!0

    Who still holds a gig with the hope that they will pay artists with proceeds from gate takings, and which artist performs before they are paid! Well it appears in Botswana we still have a long way to go. Shaya is reliably informed that the first installations of the annual togetherness festival, which was held

  • LA Timmy engages

    LA Timmy engages0

    Timothy Sabuta aka DJ La Timmy last week announced his engagement to his sweetheart. However many are wondering who the lucky woman is after the likes of Flava Dome Presenter Sadie couldn’t talk the Refilwe hit maker into marrying her. Ooh well good things happen to those who wait, therefore keep waiting you will soon

  • What a shame Mgladla

    What a shame Mgladla0

    If playing Christmas tournaments means this much to players then Shaya gives up. Yours truly is alive to the fact that premier league players use these tournaments as a way of making quick money while they are supposed to be resting. However it all turns out ugly to the game of football when well respected

  • 2019 Campaign begins

    2019 Campaign begins0

    Politics will remain a dirty game. Whoever thought taking Botswana Games to the second city was a campaign strategy by some within the sports mother body. Information reaching shaya is that, a senior member within the Sports Council board is vying for Wynter Mmolotsi’ s Ftown South Constituency and by taking the games to the

  • Maxy sets record straight

    Maxy sets record straight0

    Shaya was recently shocked to learn that rumour has been circulating that Maxy is done with traditional music. The rumour rubbed the Makorakoretsa hit maker the wrong way and she took it to her FB account saying :“I hear someone is busy telling my fans out there gore I don’t sing Traditional Music anymore just

  • Charma Gal fires crew

    Charma Gal fires crew0

    Shaya has been reliably informed that Mosepele Wa Lerala aka Hardrock hit maker Charma Gal has fired her entire crew after a fall off in Maun. There break off is said to have come when the crew enquired over half pays which has been going on for quite some time. Yours Truly is informed that

  • It’s a camp chair affair!

    It’s a camp chair affair!0

    People must learn to stick to the theme, when you are invited for a camp chair affair please bring your chair, when it’s All White do that. Over the festive Shaya watched in disbelief as some patrons who had attended a Camp Chair festival struggled to make bottles their seats. To make things worse, one

  • Dance Mr. Minister

    Dance Mr. Minister0

    Not only is he a Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture but he is also a DJ and a Performer! Yes, Hon Thapelo Olopeng recently revealed his other talents over the festive season. Shaya was impressed to see Olopeng leading his Ministry by example when showing those in the arts how its done. First the

  • Excuse me madam officer!

    Excuse me madam officer!0

    There seems to be officers who do not really know what they are hired for to a point where they prevent others from doing their work. Shaya was baffled on Tuesday morning when an officer of the Prisons Services prevented a journalist from taking a picture of a suspect who had appeared in court for


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