• Is Parliament Website Hacked?

    Is Parliament Website Hacked?0

    News reaching shaya suggests that Botswana Parliament website might have been hacked and is now offline with a google search showing a description in a foreign language. The hackers have now started posting messages such as HACKEDBYALASANCAKTIM.COM. Obviously Yours truly took his time to try and access the website at www.parliament.gov.bw and this was the message

  • The phone snatcher

    The phone snatcher4

    Talk about gutsy meets stupidity! The gentleman pictured here made a nuisance of himself this past weekend in Orapa. The young man made it to the table of dignitaries during the Inter-games price giving ceremony and stole a cellphone. Unfortunately for him he failed to sneak out on time and his misdemeanour was found out.

  • Vee splashes some cash

    Vee splashes some cash2

    There is no denying that Vee is on another level as far as money is concerned. Yours Truly has been reliably informed that the stocky entertainer is currently in Soweto-Johannesburg where he is shooting a video for his latest song, Africa. A fly on the wall has told Shaya that Vee has roped in award

  • Where is he’s fifth ‘D’

    Where is he’s fifth ‘D’0

    Yours Truly has been reliably informed that the word ‘delivery’ is taken for granted by some of the civil servants working under the Ministry of Education especially in most Sub-Regional offices across the country. Shaya has been informed that last year most temporary teachers completed their 2- year -contracts around August, but what surprises Yours

  • The skirt dropper

    The skirt dropper0

    It’s not fair that guys with accents get all the girls. There is this young well dressed executive who is from a neighbouring country who seems to have turned himself into a hoochie magnet. He is like a PD, aka Panty Dropper. Haibo! But don’t get me wrong, brother man looks after himself and he

  • Kabelo remains hopeful

    Kabelo remains hopeful1

      Yours truly is reliably informed that although the court has officially called off Culture Spears couple marriage, Charma Gal’s ex husband remains hopeful. Shaya is told that Kabelo has not yet lost hope in his marriage to Charmagal and believes that sooner than later things will go back to normal. Although Magdalene has now

  • Of Khama and Zoro’s knees

    Of Khama and Zoro’s knees0

    When he decides to put on torn jeans for a meet with the country’s first citizen 800m star Nijel Amos would never have imagined a poke from the President. The first citizen engaged the athlete in some small talk and the discussion seemed to have been about Zoro’s torn jeans. Shaya has the pictures……

  • BDP messed up

    BDP messed up0

    Who ever won a tender to design this BDP head gear has no respect. How do you mess up the ruling party’s merchandise? Was this done on purpose, or is it an honest mistake? Well, whatever the case Shaya thinks may be its high time government takes a keen look into substandard goods making their

  • Vee scores..!

    Vee scores..!0

    News doing rounds is that the pint sized musician and his wife Kagiso are expecting a second child. Although the baby bump is not visible unless you zoom in with Yours Truly’s lens, the couple are said to be happy to add another baby to the family. Congratulations.

  • It’s done

    It’s done0

    Shaya cannot ignore the final nail on Culture Spears couple coffin, which was delivered on Monday. It is official the once celebrated Mogwe couple is back to being single again, but not necessarily available. At least Yours Truly is sure of one, who is definitely taken, for now. With his ears always on the ground,

  • Congratulations Mr DJ

    Congratulations Mr DJ0

    Yours Truly has been reliably informed that Fondo Fire has been awarded a certificate to start his Dee Jaying School. This comes after the DJ struggled with the certificate over the year because of un-accommodative regulations. Well it seem now that since the arrival of the new Minister at Youth, Sport and Culture things are

  • Molale ke Hardrock

    Molale ke Hardrock2

    The GoodHope – Mabule aspirant Eric Molale never fails to amaze Yours Truly one way or the other. Just over the weekend, after Charma Gal’s marvel performance he confessed that at one point he wanted to hit on Hardrock hit maker. Shaya listened carefully as Molale revealed that, after his South African cousin showed interest

  • Gabs Gigolo on the prowl

    Gabs Gigolo on the prowl3

    There is this front desker who is now known as Gaborone”s biggest Male Gigiloo. …A male hustler .This sorry excuse of a guy is apparently so good at his game that often attract the right self made women. How is he able to finace two extravagant holidays in the space of six months. First it

  • Things they say: Kgosi Lotlaamoreng II

    Things they say: Kgosi Lotlaamoreng II0

    Mme jaaka Tautona a satswa go le bolelela, re kile ra kopana ka lehitshwana, re sa battle gore baloi barona bare bone. Batho ke ba ba rata dikobo, ba utwana le dikobo thaata! Mme fa ba le abela dikobo tse le di amogele, le seka la digana akere kgaolo ya rona e tsididi thata

  • Love on the rocks

    Love on the rocks2

    You remember that famous engagement that happened at a birthday party? You know, the engagement between one very talented woman from a well off and prominent family to the son of a has been CEO? Well, word going around town is that they are heading for splitsville. Reason…no its not a money issue it’s guess what? You guessed right, infidelity! The unfaithful man whose mother was also

  • Love is very taxing

    Love is very taxing1

    Wonders shall never cease! So there is this married but available lady who has been dating this well known mess of a man. Let me me tell you about this mess who drives a drop top oldish German car. This guy is so notorious for being a ladies man. What shocks Shaya is that this guy still stays at home with his mama, has a

  • Artist on drugs

    Artist on drugs0

    With his ears always on the ground, Shaya couldn’t help but hear concerned friends to one of Botswana’s promising rappers talking about his drug abuse. It is said the eccentric rapper’s use of drugs particularly Marijuana has gotten out of hand. Apparently so serious is the matter that even before the rapper goes on stage, or goes for interviews he has to inhale the behaviour altering drug. Well, one thing that Yours Truly can say is that

  • Mingo Jacked

    Mingo Jacked0

    It seems like our brother missed the memo that Batswana cars are being targeted in the neighbouring South Africa, especially cars like Run-X. Well it has come to Shaya’s attention that Mingo recently visited Johannesburg to record a song, just like many who believe in South African quality. Unfortunately for the ‘Ke Mozezuru’ hit maker, he found his car nowhere to be found when he got out of the

  • Supporting gunners hurts

    Supporting gunners hurts0

    Shaya couldn’t help but notice this Gunners Supporter crying after his team lost to Township Rollers 2-1 on the second semi-final. Honestly Yours Truly felt your pain because on the day your team was a better side, except that luck wasn’t on your side or maybe your team’s ‘juju’ wasn’t strong enough. From your tears I could see that last minute ball that almost equalised for you

  • UDC takes it to the bedroom

    UDC takes it to the bedroom0

    The moono juggernaut has just sneaked into people’s bedrooms. UDC cadres were spotted putting on blankets branded in party colours and logo during the BNF and BMD Congresses in Goodhope and Gantsi respectively. Shaya wonders if this is UDC’s response to President Khama’s blanket initiative.


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