• Have your own gadget boss

    Have your own gadget boss1

    Shaya is taking a keen interest in whistle blowing activities and corporate information leakages in the capital city because this is now on the rise…. Watch out you corrupt leaders who think you are high and mighty and untouchable and protected. People are going to remove those bullet proof vests you have on and come

  • Bells for Clement Jackson

    Bells for Clement Jackson0

    Clement Jackson, a season Jazz Musician will be tying knot in Shakawe this weekend. Though details are still sketchy Shaya can confirm that the wedding preparations are on -going and Saturday will be a big day. Shaya can say well done sir, it’s been long overdue but at least it shall be done! Yours truly

  • Things they say

    Things they say1

    If you know how to read, if you keep up to date with what is going on in the rest of the world, you will be aware of this ratings. They were not produced by this government but they were achieved by this government. ~ President Ian Khama

  • Stubborn Lensman

    Stubborn Lensman0

    I think it is time for BFA to take a tour around and educate media in the rural or far places on how they should conduct themselves during matches. Photographers should know where to seat during the game. It is always embarrassing to see when breaking the rules while there is little that you can

  • What a shame

    What a shame1

    On Sunday, a number of people went to Boro swimming spot which is more than 10 km away from Maun after law enforcers closed the nearby spot popularly known as Okavango River Lodge Beach. On arrival Shaya was shocked to find a young drunken girl half naked in the river. The lady who works in

  • Mistaken Identity

    Mistaken Identity0

    Photographers who made part of the media team covering the Mascom Top 8 had football lovers confused. The lens men who wore yellow bibs were mistaken for airtime vendors. One football supporter shouted angrily at a lens man after his attempts to get the supposed vendor’s attention were ignored. ‘Hey re kopa airtime kwa. Kwee

  • Peeing Nurse

    Peeing Nurse1

    Yours Truly has been informed that there is a certain petite looking nurse at one old private hospital who just loves to see naked celebrities. Those close to the sister claim that whenever a well known person has comes for medical attention at the hospital and the treatment requires them to take off their clothes,

  • Bad bricks son

    Bad bricks son1

    A Son to a prominent businessman in Francistown is said to be on the verge of having his face rearranged by angry city residents who have had enough of lies and arrogance. Shaya has learnt that the young man who owns a construction company supplies unsuspecting customers with substandard bricks. “His bricks are terrible and demanding a refund from him is the most frustrating thing ever,” said

  • Masisi on selfies

    Masisi on selfies1

    Just like any other 21st century generation, the Honourable Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi has declared his love for selfies. Well it comes as a no surprise to Shaya following the swag our VP has, I mean we all saw how he appeared at the Mmadinare congress. Who knows these lots of selfies may work for the VP in future, so all of you who would like to have a picture with the VP make sure you always

  • Berry ‘Hearts’ UDC

    Berry ‘Hearts’ UDC0

    The controversial poet Berry Heart has declared her support for the main opposition party Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC). Shaya recently listened to the self proclaimed ‘Honorable’ Kootshepile Motseonageng live on a local radio station preaching ‘moono’ all the way, a decision which did not go well with some people. This prompted the fearless Heart who once declared his love for the UDC VP Gaolatlhe Ndaba to hit

  • World war 3

    World war 30

    Shaya has it in good authority that Serowe will this festive season be turned in to a war zone as two competing brands vie for the attention of Serowe residents. There will be two big gigs on Christmas day. The first one is the traditional annual Pop Bottle show which has been a darling to Serowe people. However at the beginning of this year Yours

  • Office abuser on the loose

    Office abuser on the loose2

    All Shaya seems to hear these days is how people in potions of power seem to be abusing their offices. Not only that but it seems no matter how much whistle blowing takes place they still get away with it. Shaya would engage the services of the DCEC, but it has also proved to be a toothless dog, which barks louder than it can bite. So this is how this works. Shaya hears this

  • Zoro livin’ it up

    Zoro livin’ it up1

    Nijel Amos is on top of his game. He might have let David Rudisha slip by at the World Championships but DJ Zoro is a man with little worries, especially where money is concerned. The Marobela born lad and the world’s most dominant 800m runner recently posted a picture of himself on a sleek Mercedes

  • Oh no, not again

    Oh no, not again1

    Don’t blame Shaya but your behaviour especially after having one too many. This gentleman decided to crush by the river bank on Sunday after one of his drinking sprees. Young man be warned that The Beach is famous for surprise visits by man eating crocodiles. Take this as a warning or next time you’d be

  • Girl fight

    Girl fight5

    It seems both Slizer and Charma Gal will never stay off the papers, no matter how hard they try. The two ladies who at one point were romantically involved with Culture Spears lead singer Kabelo Mogwe apparently came close to a fist fight at an event in Tlokweng over the weekend. Shaya has been reliably

  • Things they say ~ Bonnie Dintwa

    Things they say ~ Bonnie Dintwa9

    I really hate to nitpick (I don’t), BUT I am extremely confused as to why events organisers insist on calling their braai events “chesa nyama” when that, is derived from a South African concept,based on the language used in that country eg Not one Motswana calls meat “nyama”. I’ll gladly and fully support the next

  • Dirty North beach

    Dirty North beach0

    We all know that stagnant water is usually infested with disease which is why Shaya got the shock of his life when this guy decided to take a bath in this algae infested dirty beach. Eew! People swim and do all sorts of things in here, despite threats of diarrhoea and other water related ailments.

  • Witch and Muti hunt

    Witch and Muti hunt0

    I always thought that these smart looking designer label wearing, expensive car driving women who can shop anywhere in the world wouldn’t touch Muti. And here we thought Harry potter was fiction when we have our very own Hermaine Grainger in Gabs. Heheheheh, Shaya almost fell off the bed when Shaya heard that this particular

  • ATI injured at UB

    ATI injured at UB1

    News reaching yours truly suggests that rapper, Atlasaone Molemogi aka ATI was recently injured while performing at the University of Botswana Auditorium. ATI is said to have fallen on his back while performing some of his ‘crazy’ stunts on stage. A statement from the Batho Bame read, “Dear Motswana ko kapeng. It was very unfortunate

  • Berry Sexercizes

    Berry Sexercizes2

    Many people prefer to jog on the sidewalk to lose weight while others pay monthly installments at the gym to lose weight. However Shaya has been told there are those who have opted for the natural way of shedding a few kilos through steamy sex session after another. This week Yours truly was struck by


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