• Rudeboy Shuffling

    Rudeboy Shuffling0

    You don’t mess around with soldiers, even if you are a soldier. The gentleman pictured here learnt the hard way last Friday at Donga BDF camp you don’t mess. In the early hours of Saturday morning after an epic show featuring ex soldiers Gong Master and Jeff Matheatau the above gentleman received in- stant ‘tattoo’ on the small of his back. Soldiers armed with whips had enough

  • Talk is cheap

    Talk is cheap0

    Open weekends were meant to be a token of appreciation from mobile phone companies but some customers have taken it too far. What freebie airtime does to people on weekends can be quite shocking. What was supposed to be a social gathering in Maun was spoilt by freebie airtime as people raced against time to

  • Teacher on the loose

    Teacher on the loose1

    Teachers in Selebi-Phikwe are said to be sick to their stomach with a certain female teacher driving an old Camry. The married lady is said to have taken the town by storm since transferring there last year. She has apparently bedded almost all the male teachers at one secondary school. The situation is said to be so bad that one day a male teacher was

  • Fishing Minister’s wallet

    Fishing Minister’s wallet0

    This young girl might have discovered a simple formula for siphoning money from a government official. It is simple, if you want the Minister of Youth and Sports Thapelo Olopeng to reach for his wallet just scream his name 50 times. This young girl from Mollo wa Tadi Traditional group delivered a poem in Sesarwa and had people in stitches as she punctuated each stanza with the minister’s

  • Of DJ Fresh and Baby drama

    Of DJ Fresh and Baby drama0

    SOUTH Africa media is abuzz with news that popular DJ Fresh may have fathered a child with his longtime Manager Tsholo Mosaka. Although Fresh is yet to give his side of the story the baby mama is said to have given the media the go ahead to open a can of worms.

  • Mapetla’s new look

    Mapetla’s new look2

    Mapetla revealed his “Ngwana wa Mo Africa look on June 16 on his FB page. The skhosho star has shaved off his dreads much to the shock of many. His 10 year locks had become his trademark. He told his followers/fans that it was a difficult decision to cut them but he is loving his


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