A mother’s anguish

A mother’s anguish


Grieving mother awaits post-mortem results nearly 2 years after son’s death

The mother of a primary school boy who died a sudden death in Sikwane village in January 2013 is still looking for answers following allegations that their son may have been poisoned to death.

As the soul of young Bofelo Tshisimogo peacefully rests in heaven, his family are yet to get closure on his death following his passing and for almost a year his parents have been waiting for the post-mortem report.

Bofelo’s anguished mother, Doreen Tshisimogo told of how the family is running out of patience as the long wait for the results continues.

“I need to know what killed my son. We’ve waited for a very long time and we need to get some kind of closure on this issue and move ahead with our lives. There have been allegations over my son’s death and fingers have been pointing to some people. We need to know the truth so that we can go on with our lives peacefully,” she said.

11-year old Bofelo died screaming in pain after he was allegedly poisoned by a school bully who had persistently terrorised him, the family claimed.

When she brought her son’s body from the hospital where he was certified dead, 38-year old Tshisimogo said some of his classmates approached her with information that a Standard 6 bully who had abused him for months had finally put poison in his chips.

“This was the same boy I was supposed to go and discuss later on that week in a Parents Teachers Association (PTA) meeting concerning the threats to kill he was reported to have uttered, saying he was going to kill many students with poison but he was going to begin with my son,” the distraught mum told The Voice in an interview after her son’s burial.

Tshisimogo said they were expecting results of the post-mortem mid last year but that the family has not been updated on progress. “The police have since taken my son’s medical card with the promise that it would help with preparing the report. Last week I approached them and the officer who took it is now denying that she ever took it. They are telling us that they don’t have such a document at their office,” she told The Voice this week.

Superintendent Ellias Malope of Sikwane police has since promised that the forensics department were working on the report and that it normally takes a lengthy process hence the delay.

This week he was not available to provide an update on any progress made.

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