Lesaso charms Shoshong

Lesaso charms Shoshong


The Umbrella for Democratic Change Parliamentary hopeful for Shoshong Aubrey Lesaso is almost certain of unseating the incumbent MP Phillip Makgalemele in the coming General Elections.

Multitudes of people turned up for Lesaso’s launch this past Saturday and in unison vowed to send the former Botswana Water Affairs employee to parliament.

The guest speaker Wynter Mmolotsi pleaded with voters to punish the ruling Botswana Democratic Party at the polls and vote for the UDC.

“Lesaso needs no introduction. He is a hard working and successful businessman who did not need any help from the BDP to achieve all that,” said Mmolotsi.

“However the same cannot be said about Makgalemele,” he said.

Mmolotsi further reminded hundreds at the rally that Lesaso is the Treasurer for both the UDC and Botswana Movement for Democracy: “Which shows the kind of leader he is,” he said.

Another speaker James Mathokgwane, did not mince his words when he cut Makgalemele to shreds.

“I have worked with Makgalemele before. I know him well and I can tell you that wherever he has worked before he was expelled because he is a habitual thief,” said Mathokgwane igniting cheers from the crowd.

Mathokgwane who himself has a mammoth task of ending Kitso Mokaila’s reign in Borolong labelled Makgalemele an untrustworthy leader who should be voted out of power.

“We all know the reason he left the BMD and retraced his steps back to the BDP. His weakness has always been money, that’s all he cares about,” he said.

Accepting what he called an honour to represent the UDC in the Shoshong constituency Lesaso pleaded with residents to send him to parliament and assured them of a visionary leadership.

“My job at Water Affairs was to identify villages that had no water and provide infrastructure for such. I managed to do that but the BDP has still failed to provide water for the identified villages, including Shoshong,” said Lesaso.

“Send me to Parliament and I will deliver water,” he said.

Meanwhile, the UDC is confident of winning the Shoshong constituency as they believe Lesaso and his team have worked hard.

“The only ward that we have struggled to make in-roads into is Mosolotshane,” said Alex Obakeng, a campaign Manager for Harry Mothei.

The former Gaborone City Mayor Harry Mothei reiterated his campaign Manager’s words claiming BDP has almost given up on Shoshong.

“They had to organize an impromptu meeting in Mosolotshane with the hope that people would not turn up for this launch, but you have shown them where you stand,” said Mothei.

Mothei was referring to the BDP meeting in Mosolotshane which coincided with Lesaso’s launch.

In the 2009 elections Makgalemele garnered 4 820 votes to Lesaso’s 3 203.

Botswana Congress Party registered a measly 579 votes.

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