Tribalism rocks mass media

Kaboeamodimo says he does not need spies at mass media

Tribalism claims have rocked the mass media complex with Botswana Television (BTV) staff accusing their boss Mogomotsi Kaboeamodimo of using tribal lines to promote or transfer them.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Presidential Affairs and Public Administration Kaboeamodimo is said to have recruited and promoted Mosetsana Maribe to the position of Head of News at BTV on tribal lines because they are from the same tribe, Ngwaketse.

This recruitment allegedly disregarded those who acted in the position like Joshua Ntopolelang who is of another tribe.

He is also accused of transferring those who are not Bangwaketse to other departments to work as public relations officers.

A source from the mass media complex told The Voice, “ Do you know Kingsley Reetsang from Serowe, Buyani Zongwane from Nshakashogwe, Montsho Mgadla from Tsamaya, Sakaeyo Jannie from Serowe and Christopher Nyanga from Tutume.

All these have already been transferred, some within the department and others out.”

The source continued, “The list is endless and I wonder why the Ps cannot see this, there is also the likes of Doreen Moapare and Lesego Mokwaise who are both Bakgalagadi, Kitso Mosiemang, E-max Letshwiti, Portia Motlhabane, Thato Nthite and Montlenyane Baaitse who are both Bakgatla have been transferred or fired only to be saved by the courts after sinister transfers.”

According to the source, Kaboeamodimo recently brought his axe on Joshua Ntopolelang from Tswapong, Polly Bothong and Edson Malebane, who are both Bakgatla and Vusa Ziga because of their tribal lines.

Sources said the recent transfers are seen as on those who are anti-Khama regime.

He has also been accused of referring to some of his subordinates as ‘makgalagatsana’ and ‘meratshwana.’

“In 2009 he took advantage of the new Ps to effect the transfers of Lentswe Chebane, Oesi Thothe and Doreen Moapare.

He is also famous for promoting Ngwaketse dialect at the Mass Media corrupting the standard Setswana,” said the source.

The distraught workers also said Kaboeamodimo has assumed the role of chief editor at the mass media.

“He literally stood behind the video editors to put what he wanted with the President’s Mopipi and Manyana ralies and mixed them with the UDC memorial at UB and the President apologising to the BCP president Dumelang Saleshando,” said the source.

Confronted with the allegations, Kaboeamodimo rubbished the claims as untrue and unfound.

He said there is no way he can fail to follow the relevant laws and procedures that govern the terms and conditions of employment of the public officers.

He said, “I do not run a private company such that I can personalize the employment, promotion and movement of officers as it appears to have been alleged to you. Further, I neither have nor need any spies in here to tell on other officers.”

“It is my duty to inform myself and to understand issues and challenges first hand as expected of anybody in my position. In any case your source is best placed to provide you with evidence of what they allege. You can also do your own investigation and base your story on irrefutable evidence where you should be able to separate fact from fiction.”

While some of the staff could not be reached for comment, Montsho Mgadla who is said to be on his way to become Bureau Chief in Maun declined to comment on the matter.

Edson Malebane who is currently the Head of Sport at BTV said, “I have not received any letter saying I am being transferred but I have heard that rumour in the corridors. So as far as am concerned I work here.”

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