Cry the beloved country

On Monday afternoon, Voice cartoonist, LESOLE NTSHOLE while quenching his thirst at Motimalenyora Bar in Mochudi heard the below conversation on the state of the nation according to bar patrons.

MAN IN MANCHESTER UNITED TOP: Things are beginning to take a nasty turn here in Botswana.

Botswana is no longer different from other corrupt African countries ruled by dictators. Very soon, we will also be refugees in other countries.

MAN IN DARK GREEN AMABOKOBOKO T-SHIRT: You are right. I’m already beginning to sense it. Very soon, we’ll be in neighboring countries carrying these large bags known as “Mozimbabwe.”

MAN IN BLUE SHIRT: What goes around comes around. It ‘s circle of life.

When the Zimbabweans had problems in their country, we laughed but soon our neighbours will soon identify us with large bags that will no longer be known as “Mozimbabwe,” but as “Motswana.” (Laaughter erupts).

MANCHESTER UNITED TOP: Back in the days, we would laugh out loud and clap hands as we listened to our national radio station coin phrases like “ditlhakana tlhogo tse di ilweng ke ntwa ko tlhogong, ditlhakana tlhogo tse di ilweng ke tumelo ko tlhogong, or dingangatlela.”

(a person who encourages or advocates aggression or warfare towards other nations or groups).

And now we must be prepared to answer to all sorts of names in foreign countries (There is laughter again).

MAN IN DARK GREEN AMABOKOBOKO T-SHIRT: At least I am happy that recently our two former presidents, Sir Ketumile Masire and Festus Mogae stood their ground to voice out their opinion on the regression our country is experiencing.

MAN IN BLUE SHIRT: I don’t take those two seriously. During Sir Ketumile Masire and Festus Mogae’s terms in office, corruption was rife.

They are bitter and trying to make themselves come off as better, or they simply want people to like them.

I don’t understand their motive because they are the ones that called a soldier from the army and made him to come rule the country with an iron fist.

MANCHESTER UNITED TOP: If they claim there is no rule of law, why are they saying it this time?

Everyone knows that one of them has shares In Choppies, a supermarket notorious for exploiting employees. Where is the rule of law at Choppies?

Even up to now, Indians continue to do as they please in our own country. Indians own this country. I am telling you very soon we wont be surprised to wake up to an Indian President (Laughter)

AMABOKOBOKO T-SHIRT: Every country needs foreigners in order to develop.

But it does not make sense to have an Indian come all the way from India to sell bogobe and diphaphata here?

MAN IN BLUE SHIRT: Truth be told the former presidents are no better than the current president.

Last month BTV reported that 23 officers in Public Transport department were suspended from duty for corruption.

Why does the net catch only small fish and leave the big fish?

Why do they prosecute those who take P 40 bribes and leave those who steal millions of pulas?

Why are they keeping quiet about the Director General of Intelligence and Security Services?

AMABOKOBOKO T-SHIRT: The man must know some state secrets that make him immune to prosecution.

MANCHESTER UNITED TOP: Talking about state secrets, we are still waiting for government to release a report on the ritual murder of Segametsi .

One wonders why a large amount of money was spent on a report that was never released to the public.

It is possible that some of those who were young when Segametsi was murdered are now permanent secretaries by this time.

The conversations ends as the two men donning football shirts stroll into the bar to order another round of drinks.


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