One down, six to go

One down, six to go


Modubule speaks out on alleged hit list

Botswana Movement for Democracy Chairman and Umbrella for Democratic Change Parliamentary candidate for Lobatse Nehemiah Modubule shocked hundreds of people in Mahalapye recently when he revealed a list of names allegedly on the much talked about ‘hit list’.

Speaking during the launch of UDC Parliamentary candidate for Mahalapye West, Mmika Solomon, Modubule said the UDC they was aware of a hit-list which they will keep talking about ,much to the annoyance of their detractors.

“We have heard of a hit-list which we will continue talking about until the owner of this hit list comes out in the open to tell us why this hit list,” Modubule said and went on to
claim that they were reliably informed that a number of opposition party members and one BDP member were meant to be eliminated before the 2014 General elections.

“We understand that Kgotla Autlwetse is number one on the list, followed by Duma Boko, Gomolemo Motswaledi, Wynter Mmolotsi, myself, Iphemele Kgokgothwane and Pius Mokgware,” Modubule said.

The combative Modubule told UDC supporters gathered at Mahalapye Community hall that despite all the threats they were however not going to shrink back from their course.

“Motswaledi’s blood was not spilled in vain. We have to soldier on,” he said.
He further said he has been advised by a concerned and sympathetic member of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), to stop travelling alone at night as his life was in danger.

“But this is a free country. I will not sell my soul just so that Seretse’s son would love me. Some of us are ready to lay down our lives for the sake of the struggle,”Modubule charged.

The fiery politician further warned that those in power should remember that all the dictators who ruled their people with an iron fist are dead.
“Some of them were found hiding in holes wearing vests as if they had no relatives,” He warned.

Meanwhile asked for his comment on the alleged “hit list’ former Botswana Defence Force ground forces commander, major General Pius Mokgware who began to suspect there was a plot to eliminate him as far back as 2011 said:
“ It is regrettable that we are now hunted for our beliefs. I joined politics to fight corruption, protect democracy and protect our values and if this is a course to be killed for then let it be so but the killers must not forget that if you live by the sword you die by the sword.”

Cookware, who was said to enjoy a great personal following among the BDF junior officers, was sacked from the army in February 2010, following allegations of irreconcilable differences between the country’s army top brass.

At the beginning of 2013 Mokgware dragged the BDF before the court accusing them of espionage activities on his mobile phone that took place between December 2009 and February 2010. He also summoned beMobile cellular phone service provider for helping the BDF military intelligence to eavesdrop on his cellular phone conversations.

Mokgware demanded a total of about P12 million from the BDF and beMobile for illegally tapping his mobile phone. His case was subsequently settled out of court.

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