Marriage Wrecker attacks Voice photographer

Marriage Wrecker attacks Voice photographer


Vows to bewitch reporter and The Voice

A fuming marriage wrecker who had just been fined eight cows (P24000) by Block 8 Customary Court in Gaborone vented out his anger by attacking Voice Photographer Oranotse Mpudi this Tuesday.

Molefi Mothabe (32) lost his temper after seeing The Voice lens-woman photographing him as he left court. Mpudi who had positioned herself in a car adjacent to the gate was caught by surprise as the angry man charged at her, twisted her arm and threatened to confiscate the camera.

“Where are you taking my pictures?” charged Motlhabe.
An attempt to explain that the photographer was within her rights to take pictures fell on deaf ears as Motlhabe continued with his tirade,
“I don’t care. This is my face and I do not want to appear on your newspaper,” he said.

Motlhabe who had earlier tried in vain to have his charge reduced or have a flexible payment plan immediately turned his anger to The Voice reporter Kabelo Dipholo as they wrestled for the camera.

With no police officers in sight court staff that included Court President Keineetse Sebele watched helplessly as the irate young man attacked the journalists.

After a 10 minute standoff Molefi finally let go off the camera but confiscated the cap which he said he was going to bewitch.
“I’m going to put a spell on this cap. Just wait and see,” he threatened.

He however threw it to the ground and made a final charge at the reporter vowing to send him to his ancestors. “O taa se bona,” which loosely translates to ‘I’m going to cast a spell on you.’

Meanwhile Mpudi who only escaped with sore arm said she has no intention of pressing charges.

Motlhabe appeared before Sebele accused of wrecking the marriage of Kirby Setantane and Ononifile Setantane.

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