No lesbian for a daughter

No lesbian for a daughter


Angry dad wants Amantle to quit  athletics and bare grandchildren

Gay rights are human rights. But tell that to the father of Botswana’s golden girl, Amantle Montsho and brace youself for a verbal attack.

This week the 53- year old traditionalist father came out guns blazing concerning allegations fuelled by social media that the award winning athlete might be a lesbian.

Speaking on the sidelines of a family gathering to discuss how to convince the recently disgraced 31- year-old athlete who is currently battling doping allegations to quit athletics and return home to have babies, her father Victor Nkape said, “I want her to come back home and give me granddaughters. Even if she is not married I don’t care. What I want are her children.”

Quizzed on what he would do if Amantle was to tell him she was a lesbian and wouldn’t want to have children Nkape immediately freaked out and stated that he would never ever accept a lesbian in his family. “Montsho would not dare become a lesbian,” he said.

“I know of homosexuals but not in my family,” he confidently said as he leaned against the Toyota Corolla that Amantle bought him.

“E tlabo ele sethodi ngwana yoo, Amantle ga a kake anthaya tsone dilo tseo, ke botlhodi.” Loosely translated it means Amantle would be an abomination, Amantle would never utter such things to me. That would be an abomination”

Montsho’s numerous fans sprang to her defence on facebook recently saying she too like anybody else was entitled to her sexual preference after speculations that she could be a lesbian surfaced.

Describing Amantle as a ‘sober girl with a hatred for drugs,’ Nkape went on to talk about how in 2011 the athletics golden girl brought a soldier home who was introduced to the family as her boyfriend.

He however said he later learnt from close relatives and friends that the two had broken up.

Montsho, who won gold at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, tested positive to a banned stimulant methylhexaneamine recently after a dismal performance at the just ended games.

She took the second test and the results came back positive hence the 2- year suspension from athletics competitions.

Nkape claims Montsho had told him that she was not going to appeal the suspension.

“She told me that she will accept whatever the outcome because appealing would be a waste of resources.” He revealed.

The once fastest 400 metre runner rose to fame when she won a gold medal in a personal best time of 49.56 in Daegu during the 2010 Continental Cup. She also represented the country at the 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympics where she reached the finals.

Montsho has also competed at the World Championships in Athletics and the IAAF World Indoor Championships.

The two-time 400 metre African Championships gold medallist has also won titles at the 2007 All-Africa Games, the 2010 IAAF Continental Cup and the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

Meanwhile, BNSC Chairperson Solly Reikeletseng apologised to Montsho’s family and called on the nation to support her in these ‘trying times.’

He said that the BNSC had made a mistake by not visiting Montsho’s family to officially notify them of her current status.

Efforts to get a comment from both the Olympic committee and Montsho proved futile as their phones went unanswered at the time of going to press.

Her facebook account was also deactivated.

Montsho had until today (Friday) to appeal the suspension.


AMANTLE' DAD: Victor Nkape

AMANTLE’ DAD: Victor Nkape

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