Jilted woman unhappy with rival’s P4000 fine

Jilted woman unhappy with rival’s P4000 fine


A jilted mother of seven left Taung Customary Court last Friday sulking after her husband’s mistress was slapped with a P4000 fine for marriage wrecking.

Kobamelo Moabi had initially demanded P15, 000 as compensation for her marriage that was irreparably wrecked by Keamogetse Seipato.

Moabi told court that she suffered emotional and physical abuse for the past five (5) years. She said she also lived in fear of her husband Izrael Moabi who turned her into a punching bag whenever Seipato’s name was mentioned.

She told court, “This woman nearly destroyed my marriage and was boosting about her relationship with my husband all this time.

She put me under pressure for a good 5 years and we nearly divorced because she even pressurized my husband to leave me. All this time she humiliated me and honestly for 5 years my husband gave her more than P4000 from my husband. They would take my car and drive her mum to Kgomokasitwa and sometimes they were seen at funerals in Lobatse together.”

Although she put up with abuse at the hands of her husband in the name of love, the distraught woman said she decided to stop the abuse by reporting the case. “I was in shock that my husband beat me for that woman and I had put up with his nonsense for too long. Imagine my own husband saying I should leave his girlfriend alone because he loves her to an extent that he buys her hand bags that I never get,” Kobamelo who visibly looked troubled told court.

Seipato denied having an affair with Moabi’s husband. “I am not done with this case and I am appealing it. They better pray that I don’t win it or else I will sue them for defamation of character. I hear they wanted P15, 000 from me and I am wondering where they thought they were going to get it from,” asked Seipato who was adamant that she never had an affair with Izrael.

She continued that, “Part of my charge was that I used to enter their bedroom but they live in a one roomed house which was a shebeen at the time. When it rained we would all take cover in it”.


CHEATER: Keamogetse Seipato

CHEATER: Keamogetse Seipato

After the ruling, Moabi told The Voice that the woman had no shame after asking her in front of the court president where she had been all this time. “I made her pays for all the trouble she caused. I just wish she had been slapped with a heavy price so that she never dates married men,” she said.

Kobamelo’s father Dada Pule also told The Voice that he has since given up after taking care of her grandchildren for the past 5 year, despite being unemployed.

The 60-year-old man said, “I have long heard about this salon girl or woman in 2009 when my daughter came home seriously bruised. I then engaged our in laws and both agreed that she stay with me until she was fit to go back home.”

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