Caught in the act

Caught in the act


Cheating wife fished under boyfriend’s bed

A man who was caught in the act with another man’s wife has been slapped with a P24, 000 fine by the customary court for marriage wrecking.

32-year-old Molefi Motlhabe landed into hot soup after Kirby Setantane (47) fished his wife Ononofile Setantane under his bed last month in Tlokweng.

Kirby who reported the case to Block 8 Customary Court in Gaborone was awarded P24, 000 as compensation.

Motlhabe is a barber at Studio 360 Hair Saloon in Gaborone. Kirby told court that he had long complained of his wife’s absence from their matrimonial home only to catch her red handed wearing a gown at Motlhabe’s house.

“Unaware that they were watched the couple arrived at the house in the evening. I called my friends and asked for a police escort to be my witnesses,” narrated the distraught Setantane.

He told the court president Keineetse Sebele that his wife was found in the house hiding under a bed wearing a sleeping gown. “I could smell her perfume the moment I entered the house,” said Setantane.

“I proceeded to take pictures with my small camera which I present today as evidence,” he said.

Motlhabe who did not have any witnesses during the case did not dispute evidence provided by Setantane’s witnesses.

He did not even attempt to cross examine them.

But when his turn came to answer questions posed by Sebele, Motlhabe immediately asked for a bathroom break.

The plaintiff Kirby immediately reached for a bottle of holy water and discreetly sprayed inside the court room.

On his return, the young Motlhabe’s clever attempt to navigate his way through Kgosi Sebele’s questioning was brought to an abrupt end by the Bakwena royal.

Keineetse Sebele: Do you know Ononofile Setantane?

Molefi Motlhabe: Yes

KS: Does she have a child?

MM: Yes

KS: How old is the child?

MM: I’m not sure, I think about six or seven.

KS: Have you ever asked about the child’s father?

MM: No

KS: Did they catch you with her in the house?

MM: Yes they found me there.

KS: No. I said did they catch you with her?

MM: Yes


NOT IMPRESSED: Kirby (L)  FINED: Molefi (R)

NOT IMPRESSED: Kirby (L) FINED: Molefi (R)

This was the answer that sealed Motlhabe’s fate and Kgosi Sebele went on to fine him P24, 000 payable within a month. Sebele said he was impressed with the impeccable way Kirby handled himself throughout the ordeal.

“He managed to control himself and even sought out help from the police. There are not many men who can do that,” Sebele said.

“He was hurt, provoked and robbed. You have to know that every man who starts a family incurs costs and when that union ends it leaves behind misery and lamentation,” Sebele said.

In mitigation the seemingly shocked Motlhabe told court that he won’t be able to pay such a huge amount within a month.

“I’m willing to pay in installments if the court allows,” he said.

“Listen here, this is a court. We do not sell furniture,” was Sebele’s curt response.

“The court here orders that if you don’t pay within the stipulated time, whatever you own will be attached and sold at a public auction to console Kirby,” said Sebele.

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