The beast ruined me

The beast ruined me

Broke Satanist denounce the devil for failing to give him money

A disgruntled devil worshipper who claims to be the second in command in the Maun Satanist convent says he wants to quit the cult because “The Beast” has rendered him broke and poor.

Benjamin Keogotsitse, 21 stormed into The Voice Maun office last week accusing Lucifer of failing to make him rich for services rendered.

Appealing for help from any man of God who can deliver him from the chains of hell, Keogotsitse who spotted a bow tie with red stripes told of how he focused all his energy on worshipping the devil after his superiors had told him that he would be handsomely rewarded with money and riches in exchange for worship. But the devil is a liar!

Visibly looking devastated Keogotsitse said, “I started worshipping the devil when I was a student at Tshwaragano Secondary School after the Beast promised me money and riches but here I am. I don’t have money. I don’t have a job and I don’t have an education. I concentrated more on worshipping the Beast than my studies and I have failed miserably.”

Keogotsitse who constantly avoided eye contact with this reporter claimed he wanted help from anyone with powers to help him start his life all over again.

Spilling the beans on what went on in his evil world the young satanist claimed that him and his fellow devil worshipers were tasked mainly with initiating more people into their fold without perpetrating evil and destruction.

“There were two ways to initiate people; through unprotected sex and by touching victims’ hands. Some of the members preferred sex but I preferred touching hands,” he said.

The confused looking young man made further outlandish claims that he lived inside the famous cave under Maun General Clinic for a month praying with headless snakes.

He also claimed demons helped him escape from police custody once they were smoked out from the cave by law enforcement officers.

Maun Acting Station Commander Zhabi Hulela however dismissed his wild allegations as a figment of his fertile imagination saying police do not have a record of Keogotsitse escaping from police custody.

“After arresting those who lived in the cave, we did not charge them since there was no offence committed. I don’t know how he could have escaped when he wasn’t detained in the first place,” said the acting station commander.
The self acclaimed Satanist however was not bothered by the police story, instead he continued to discourage people from joining the cult.

“I also urge those willing to become Satanists not to join because life is very tough in the cult. Go molelo go lo koo.” He warned and went on say that he wanted to denounce the religion publicly so that as many people as possible would know that he was no longer part of the cult.

“When our leader Zakes left for deliverance, I became the leader but I am also out and I need help and I want The Voice to spread my appeal for help.”

His mother Khutsafalo Keogotsitse confirmed that indeed her son needed help. She said lately, there were complaints from family members that he disturbed their peace often with his loud midnight prayers to ward away the devil who is apparently out to get him.

“I stay at the cattle post and will have to go to Maun to see what could be the problem. If not helped soon I suspect he will go mad if he is not mad already. I haven’t heard of any child at his age causing havoc by praying and singing church songs at midnight. I heard he used to pray at the graves at night but I didn’t think he was a satanist. Please help him,” the concerned mother pleaded.

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