Turning things around

Turning things around


Most of us love to complain.

That may be because we don’t want our problems to be our own fault, or maybe it’s just that we feel a need to talk all the time so we run out of good things to say.

I don’t know, but I do know that it is a whole lot easier to slap together a negative column than it is to compose something positive.

Bitchy can be quite humorous, and it tends to be more interesting than nice.

The thing is; if our problems are not in some way of our own making then there isn’t much we can do to sort them out, so as I see it, being bitchy and negative probably isn’t the way to go… at least not for too long.

At some point, we have to make an effort to turn it around.

Interestingly, sometimes we can turn our outlook on life around by literally turning around.

That’s what happened to me when I was at that open air concert I wrote about last week.

For those of you who missed that piece, here’s a quick recap:

Before I went to the four day World Music and Dance Festival in England at the end of last month I was seriously worried because I don’t like crowds and lots of noise.

Once I was there, however, I had a really good time even though there were 40,000 people jammed into the campground and venues and live music fi lled the airwaves from noon to 3am.

My crowd worries proved to be way over the top as the people who attended the festival were extremely considerate in the cramped conditions, but there was still the noise thing.

I’m sure most of the people at the event were more than happy to listen to music nonstop for most of the day but even though the performers included the likes of Salif Keita, Bassekou Kouyate, Fat Freddy’s Drop and Yousou N’Dour, it was too much for me.

On the next to last evening, while I was sort of watching Fat Freddy and the backs of a lot of heads I realised I wasn’t enjoying myself so instead of continuing to look towards the stage I picked up my lawn chair and turned it around.

Fortunately I was sitting on the western edge of the tented venue so when I made that move I was greeted by a magnifi cent sunset… and a load smiling, happy faces.

What had been missing from the camping was the natural wonder I seek from that experience, but it was still there, I just wasn’t looking in the right place; and even if I wasn’t into the music I could still get pleasure from seeing others enjoying it.

The really odd thing for me though was that once I changed my point of view everything seemed to get better, including the music, and I now think that was one of the best performances I attended.

Yeah, people like to complain, but we can also fi nd a great deal of satisfaction focusing on the positive things in our lives.

We all have plenty of them but they aren’t always right in front of our eyes, so maybe once in a while it would be a good idea to turn around.

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