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Cheating BCP candidate ditch wife and kids for mistress

A Botswana Congress Party (BCP) council candidate for Sefoke Ward in Tlokweng has ditched his wife and five (5) children for a mistress.

The 35-year-old BCP politician Pontsho was this week a hot potato at the Tlokweng Customary Court where his wife Gabalebatse Nkole, 35, was suing his mistress Tumelo Moje, 30 for marriage wrecking. The jilted wife is demanding P120, 000 from Moje.

Gabalebatse who looked haggard and frail told court, “I’m not a thin person but my husband has neglected his family and stopped buying food and clothes for his five children. That’s why I’m so thin. I even had to stop breastfeeding the baby.”

She told Kgosi Matlapeng who presided over the case that her marital problems which started when her husband joined politics have even affected the children.

“This thing is affecting the children too. My sister-in-law was called to school because my eldest son who is doing form 5 was performing poorly.

I also got summoned to school because my child who is in standard 7 was always absent minded and also performing poorly,” she told court.

Pointing at a carefree toddler running all over the court, Gabalebatse amused court when she said, “Do you see that his son is wearing pink because he has forgotten whether the child is male or female.

He has neglected his family. He doesn’t buy food or clothes and he doesn’t lately he stopped providing transport fair for his school going children. We rely on relatives.”

DODGY: Pontsho Nkole

DODGY: Pontsho Nkole

As she narrated her bitter story, her adversary sat across the table chewing and blowing the gum. Court heard that secrets came out when she found a love message from the mistress in his phone.

“My eldest son looked into his laptop and discovered photos of the mistress.

When I confronted him, he got angry and admitted that he had found someone he loves. He told me to my face that he does not love me anymore.

He then wore lots of clothes and left for his mistress’ house. He even gave me directions and said I could come if I wanted,” she said.

After looking at some of the messages and photos, Kgosi Matlapeng ordered that a letter be written to Mascom and Orange to request for copies of the missing messages. The case continues.


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