Dear Consumer’s Voice 2

Dear Consumer’s Voice 2


In May 2012 I bought a second-hand BMW 750 from a local dealer which was an import.

After buying I discovered that the 2 back shocks were gone.

After persuasion the dealer replaced them by fi tting new ones.

Some time last week I heard an unusual knock on the rear back passenger side and we checked it and discovered that the shock was holding with 2 bolts instead of the 3 normal ones.

I was checking with another local dealer who discovered the fault.

From the dealers discovery it looked a simple thing to do and I gave him a go ahead to do.

He removed the shock but after removing the shock it showed that the make was completely NOT the type they thought it was.

In short I contacted the dealer I bought the car from but they refused to help claiming that they are not the once who stripped the car and I need your help here because surely if the nut was broken they are responsible what they are doing is to pass the blame.

Please advice

Buying a second-hand car is a real minefield.

It only becomes more dangerous when you buy an imported vehicle.

In your case part of the problem will be the time since you bought the car.

An unscrupulous dealer is likely to deny any responsibility because it’s going to be hard for you to prove anything from so long ago.

However Section 15 (1) (a) of the Consumer Protection Regulations still requires anyone providing a service to do so “with reasonable care and skill”.

Fixing a shock absorber with only two bolts rather than the three required hardly qualifies.

Fixing the wrong type of shock completely is even worse.

I suggest that you write to the dealer and explain this to them.

See if that makes them do the decent thing!

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