Offering farming solutions

Offering farming solutions


After finishing Form 5 in 2007, Mmusi Maungwa worked for his brother at Mafia Soul Clothing but last year the enterprising young man decided it was time to be on his own and started a company called Draught Solutions.

The company provides irrigation and landscaping solutions as well as solar pumps for boreholes.

The 26-year-old says they also supply garden water and maintain gardens for commercial property and homes.

Maungwa says his desire to own a business and the lessons he learnt from his hard working brother drove him to start the business.

“I have always had a passion for Agriculture. My uncle is a farmer and I used to work with him. My dad also has a cattle post,” says Maungwa.

“As we all know there is shortage of water and the rainfall is unreliable so there is much need for these services.

Meanwhile farming is growing and the government has come up with numerous schemes to assist farmers.

Farmers also buy equipment from outside so I found a niche in the market,” he says pausing to choose his words carefully.

Although he says he encourages others to get educated, he says for him experience is the best teacher.

“I have learnt a lot of things while working with my brother that others learn from the classroom,” he says between pauses and leans on his desk.

His office is on the first floor of the iTowers where he rents an office from Regus.

On a typical day he says he checks his email for quotation requests and orders which he promptly responds to with the help of his two assistants.

The business which he started with his savings is growing and he says he has capacity challenges. “There is a lot of potential if only there was more capital for expansion.

We are trying our level best to get the capital we need. The thing is we never anticipated that the demand would have grown to this level by now and surpass our capacity,” Maungwa states.

The other challenge they face is lack of knowledge by farmers concerning the solar borehole system.

To counter that he says they attend workshops and field days organized by the Ministry of Agriculture to teach farmers about their products.

“We also do social media advertising; give out our brochures and fliers to be seen. We are willing to advertise more but thanks to the budget we are limited.

Our priority is to grow the business by reaching people and areas where we are not known.”

In five years they intend to have opened a few branches across the country.

He says; “While we were presenting to farmers in Tonota recently, it dawned to me that we need to get closer to the farmers.”

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