Just shut up Bonni

Just shut up Bonni


Shaya could not believe it last week when outgoing Duma FM presenter Bonni Dintwa accused print media of being insensitive in the way they had reported on the passing of UDC Vice President Gomolemo Motswaledi.

Dintwe didn’t hide his disgust live on air, he went on and on about how silly it was for the print media to be publishing unfounded allegations.

Well it is his opinion and it’s a free country.

Apparently the same Bonni would be in this year’s Big Brother reality show.

He would be watched by millions of people taking his daily baths and drinking free alcohol.

Now Shaya would like to ask;  where is the intelligence in that?

Shaya also wishes Big Brother would give us a glimpse of his boner like they did with O’neal.

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