I was like a dog seeing a bone

I was like a dog seeing a bone


Rapist claims 15- year old niece seduced him

A 54-year- old man who raped his teenage niece has blamed the then standard six schoolgirl of enticing him into having sex.

Gofamodimo Tautsogae of Block Four in Francistown told the Francistown Magistrate court that the girl dragged him from the living room where he was seated to the bedroom and said “tla re jane” (come lets have sex).

She is the one who made me commit this mistake’, Tautsogae said, much to the amazement of the court.

“How could I resist? I was like a dog seeing a bone.” he asked

Despite the unwavering evidence by the teenager that the uncle raped her at knife point,Tautsogae insisted she should take part of the blame.

“You are the one who unzipped my trousers and then went on to undress yourself.

You made me lay down on the bed, facing up.

I was surprised at what you were doing to me,” claimed Tautsogae while cross examining his niece.

In her testimony the complainant who is 20 years old now, said her uncle had raped her on the day her aunt had gone to Seleka farms in Martins Drift to buy oranges to resell.

“I had just returned from school and I was reading my social studies notes when my uncle called me to his bedroom.

As soon as I entered his room, he went out to lock the kitchen and sitting room doors.

When he came back, he told me he wanted to have sex with me,” She told the court.

“I told him that I was too young to have sex and reminded him that he was my uncle and therefore shouldn’t be asking me for sex.

He then pulled out a three star Okapi knife and commanded me to climb on the bed.

“He took off my school tunic. Then my black pantyhose and my panties before pushing himself on top of me.

It was so painful I bled and he used his white t-shirt to wipe away the blood”, narrated the young woman.

The accused threatened to kill her with the Okapi if she dared tell anyone at school or in the family, she further disclosed.

Meanwhile the day before his seduction claims Tautsogae had admitted to committing “the offence” and gone on his knees to ask for the court’s mercy.

“This is a secret which I am about to disclose.

This will make people to shun me and talk ill of me,” said the accused uncle before asking for forgiveness.

“Please forgive me, I know what I did is an offence. But please forgive me,” he said before the court adjourned.

The case continues.

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