Consumer’s Voice

Consumer’s Voice


Dear Consumer’s,

I purchased a bed which I saw in the store and also on the advertisement paper of that particular store at a hire purchase.

When they delivered the bed they gave me the wrong type of bed but I signed that I received the goods.

Two days after receiving the bed I sent them a message notifying them about the problem and they asked me to go to the store with my papers.

I did what they said but they refused to change the bed as they said it was reported two days after delivery.

How can I handle the situation?



Clearly you made a mistake in signing the delivery note which no doubt the store will say means you accepted the goods as delivered, regardless of their condition and ignoring that fact that they delivered the wrong bed.

However I don’t think you should give up hope. Surely the store will have records from the day you bought the bed confirming the item you actually bought?

They can then see that they delivered the wrong item.

I suggest that you write the store a letter saying that despite signing the delivery note they have nevertheless breached Section 13 (1) (a) of the Consumer Protection Regulations because “the commodity sold … does not match any sample or description given” to you when you bought it.

Tell them that you consulted us and that this was our advice.

If they want to argue they can call me for a simple explanation of how to offer a basic level of customer service and how to do the decent thing.

While they’re on the phone I’ll advice them on courtesy as well.

Let me know if they give you any trouble?

Here’s a free tip for you for the future. Never, EVER sign a delivery note without writing the following words on it: “Received but not inspected.

I do not waive any of my consumer rights.” Then sign your name alongside what you just wrote.

If the guys making the delivery give you any hassle about what you just did then send them back to the store with the goods.

Then write to the store accusing them of breaching your consumer rights and cancelling the entire purchase.

Copy the cancellation letter to us as well. Accept no arguments.

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